Congratulations! Pengfei Ranked Top 500 Private Enterprises in China for 5 Consecutive Years


Pengfei, Shanxi

On September 12, the all-China Federation of Industry and Commerce released the 2023 list of China's top 500 private enterprises. Pengfei ranked 92nd in the top 500 private enterprises with a historic revenue of 100 billion yuan -102.969 billion yuan, up 4 places from 2022, ranking first in the national coal industry and Shanxi private enterprises! It is also the only private enterprise in Shanxi Province that ranks among the top 100 in the country.


On the same day, Pengfei ranked 60th in the 2023 Top 500 Private Manufacturing Enterprises in China, up 61 places from last year! On September 13, the 2023 list of China's top 500 petroleum and chemical enterprises (comprehensive enterprises) was released, and Pengfei ranked 25th. China Manufacturing Enterprises Association released "2023 China's manufacturing industry comprehensive strength 200 list", Pengfei ranked 73rd.


From 2019 to 2023, Pengfei has been on the list of China's top 500 private enterprises for five consecutive years,For 2 consecutive years, it has broken into the top 100 private enterprises in the country, from 429 to 92, from annual revenue of 20754.84 million yuan to 102969.33 million yuan, Pengfei keeps pace with the times and is in its prime for a year!

Over the past 30 years, Pengfei has always adhered to the national strategy as Pengfei's biggest strategy. Starting from 25000 yuan, Pengfei has developed into a digital intelligence, recycling and green private enterprise integrating coal, coke, methanol, LNG, synthetic ammonia, high purity hydrogen, hydrogen energy heavy truck and equipment manufacturing, cultural tourism hotel real estate, etc. with total assets of more than 150 billion yuan.


Pengfei is committed to building "Kechuang Pengfei"-investing more than 0.5 billion yuan in scientific research and development every year; Joining hands with Taiyuan University of Technology to build "Green Smart Coal and Coke Chemical Industry Science and Technology Research Institute"; Joining hands with Shanghai Jiaotong University to build "Hydrogen Energy Vehicle Advanced Manufacturing Joint Laboratory"; Jointly establishing "Shanxi Key Laboratory of Advanced Carbon-based Electrode Materials" with North University of China "; the pilot test base covering 11 hydrogen energy research and development topics such as production, storage, transportation, and equipment manufacturing can provide a pilot test platform for research and development projects of hydrogen energy-related industries at home and abroad, and build a demonstration base for the transformation of hydrogen energy scientific and technological achievements in Shanxi Province. The only national post-doctoral scientific research station for private enterprises in the province has been established, with more than 50 experts and professors working in the enterprise all year round and more than 20 patents.


In recent years, Pengfei has closely focused on national policies and carried out a series of fundamental, pioneering and long-term practices-the Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park with the largest layout in the world, the most complete industrial chain, advanced process routes and equipment, Pengfei coke oven tail gas to produce high-purity hydrogen, the first set of water electrolysis to produce green hydrogen and other projects have been put into operation one after another, electric reactor and manufacturing projects in an orderly manner, "gas-station-transport-car" the whole industry chain is more perfect, actively integrated into the overall layout of the national hydrogen energy industry, and actively build a new path for the economic development of the hydrogen energy industry chain.


Pengfei firmly grasped the historical opportunity of the central government to support the development and growth of the private economy and Shanxi to accelerate the development of hydrogen energy. It insisted on advanced planning, project leadership, innovation-driven, chain clustering, first trial, and seizing the future of hydrogen energy, realizing the strategic leap from traditional energy to new energy, from traditional industries to emerging industries, and making continuous progress towards the development vision of "becoming the world's leading clean energy smart enterprise, in order to speed up the process of green energy transformation and green development in Shanxi Province, and for the realization of the global" double carbon "goal, it has opened a new journey of modernization for the high-quality development of the whole industry chain.