Inheriting the Red Gene and Promoting the Spirit of Party Building The large-scale symphonic auditorium "Jiang Jie" was presented brilliantly in the auditorium of Pengfei Comprehensive Cultural Square.



On the afternoon of December 7, sponsored by the Party Working Committee of Xiaoyi Economic Development Zone and Pengfei Group, Jin Man, professor of Peking University Opera Research Institute, dean of Shanxi University Conservatory of Music, and doctoral supervisor Jin Man, and teachers and students of Shanxi University Conservatory of Music The large-scale symphonic oratorio "Sister Jiang" was presented in the auditorium of Pengfei Comprehensive Cultural Plaza. Municipal units, Xiaoyi Economic Development Zone, representatives of enterprises and institutions and Pengfei employees shared the "cultural audio-visual feast".



The symphonic oratorio "Jiang Sister" is adapted from the opera "Jiang Sister". With the prelude, four movements and finale, it praises the historical story of Jiang Zhuyun, a Communist Party member, who died bravely for the revolutionary cause. It creates the image of a revolutionary fighter who is loyal to the party, calm and calm, and would rather die than surrender, and plays the heroic movement of "contributing youth to communism.



The red plum is proud of frost and snow, and its character is steadfast and noble. In the vigorous and powerful melody of the cello, the prelude to the performance kicked off. Under the orchestra, the female solo sang the first movement of Jiang Jie's trip to Huaying, witnessing Jiang Jie's meeting with Huawei and other comrades in arms, and her heart was filled with the joy of returning home. With the continuous change of the scene, the development of the plot has become more tense, and the whole audience has been involved in it, and has been moved by the spirit of going through fire and water for Sister Jiang, who has been sentenced to death.



With the melody of "Red Plum Praise" sounded, a shocking symphonic oratorio came to a successful conclusion. Hundreds of audiences in the audience gave warm applause to Jiang Jie's rock-solid ideals and beliefs and Professor Jin Man who gave the soul of "Jiang Jie". And all the cast members extended their lofty greetings.

The successful performance of the large-scale opera "Sister Jiang" is a perfect combination of corporate needs and the teaching practice of the Conservatory of Music. It not only provides an important practice platform for talent training, professional research, cultural inheritance and innovation of the Conservatory of Music of Shanxi University, but also improves all Pengfei The artistic accomplishment of party members, cadres and employees has broadened everyone's cultural vision.