University of Reading Building Special Plan: Walking in Shanxi to Meet Pengfei



Lu Zhaoming, a well-known writer in mainland China, a media leader in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei in 2023, a member of the National Technical Committee for digital standardization of intelligent buildings and residential areas, and a member of Tianjin Writers Association. He graduated from Nankai University in 1986 and is currently the general manager of Tianjin Zhixing Interactive Digital Media Technology Co., Ltd.



Pengfei Cultural Brigade

Adhering to the construction purpose of "Chinese characteristics, world-class", Pengfei Cultural Tourism takes the excavation and development of Qinshui County's red culture, ancient town's historical culture, and green ecological culture as its own responsibility, based on the development policy of "industrial upgrading and product replacement", the overall planning of Jincheng Qinshui County's Xiangyu Castle Scenic Area and Liu's Residential Area, and the system linking Lishan Scenic Area and Taihang Honggu Forest Park, focus on the new trend of personalized, diversified, cultural and experiential tourism demand, "add color" to nature, "add weight" to culture, "empower" folk customs, and depict Qinshui "poetry" and "distance". To achieve the upgrading of tourism elements, tourism industry linkage, health industry integration, complete the transition from scenic spot tourism to the era of global tourism, build a new pattern of Qinshui tourism, and build China's global tourism carbon neutral demonstration county.

The development of Pengfei's cultural and tourism industry is a concrete manifestation of the corporate mission of "creating happiness for those who care about Pengfei's career", allowing local people to enjoy Pengfei's development dividends, comprehensively improve their living standards, and inject Pengfei into the development of local economy and culture. Vitality, pour into Pengfei energy!‍



Liu's Residence: The only primitive ancient village in China that has been inhabited by the same ancestral blood for generations, with superb architectural craftsmanship and the essence of Ming and Qing architectural art. Pengfei Group's ancient building protection and repair project.



Xiangyu Castle: Known as the first ancient castle in the Ming Dynasty in northern China, it was born out of military defense, protects the people, and is the crystallization of the wisdom of the people. Pengfei Group's ancient building protection and repair project.






Lu Zhaoming: Improve people's livelihood and well-being and improve people's quality of life. Pengfei Group is also devoted to the real estate sector, providing more ideal life for people as products. The city god temple business district uses fireworks to express the preciousness of life. pengfei nankai college and Tianjin are prosperous together, and every family is built with the cultural institution.

In fact, "build a city, happy city people" is not only the deep desire of a private enterprise, but also the inheritance of the Shanxi merchant spirit of "pragmatic, pioneering, and benefiting the people. A large number of outstanding enterprises, represented by Pengfei Group, are continuing to create the brilliant achievements of Shanxi merchants as "the best merchants in the world" and have embarked on a legendary road.

The road of Shanxi will never forget the shock of the mountains and rivers. This thousand-year-old capital is facing the future, coruscating hope with its vitality and business opportunities, and you and I will become witnesses to this story.‍





Pengfei Coking Pengfei Coking: With a total investment of 10.05 billion yuan and an area of 800 mu, Pengfei Group is the only coking enterprise in the province that has two "green factories" at the same time.



Pengfei Hydrogen Energy Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park: With a total investment of 78 billion yuan and an area of 116200 mu, it integrates system, storage, transportation, processing, use, research and equipment manufacturing.



Lu Zhaoming: This city is a "vibrant city" that is embracing the changes of the times with a new look. As one of China's top 500 enterprises and China's top 100 private enterprises, Pengfei Group, with assets of 100 billion yuan, has always contributed to the development of the city, taking the national strategy as the enterprise development strategy, and taking the pace of the times as its own direction of progress.

When social responsibility becomes a kind of consciousness that does not need to be reminded, I see the strong responsibility of private enterprises and strong feelings of home and country in Pengfei Group!