Pengfei Industrial Workers Won Good Results in the Third Coking Industry Labor Skills Competition in Xiaoyi City


Pengfei, Shanxi


On September 15th, sponsored by the Xiaoyi City Federation of Trade Unions and undertaken by the Trade Union Committee of Shanxi Pengfei Group, the third Xiaoyi City with the theme of "Chinese Dream · Labor Beauty-Condensing Heart and Casting Soul to Follow the Party on a New Journey of Unity and Struggle" The Coking Industry Labor Skills Competition was successfully held in Pengfei Coking Plant. So far, Pengfei has hosted three consecutive city coking industry skills competition.

Bu Xinyu, vice chairman of the Luliang City Federation of Trade Unions and third-level investigator, Yang Tuan, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Xiaoyi City People's Congress and chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, and other city, county, industry, and enterprise trade union leaders, Lu Xiaofang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Pengfei Group and chairman of the trade union, attended the meeting. More than 200 employee representatives from coking industry enterprises in Xiaoyi City attended.

Lu Xiaofang delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, hoping that all contestants will make good use of the competition and exchange platform, learn from each other, exchange skills, compete in style and level, fully demonstrate the superb skills and good spiritual outlook of contemporary skilled talents, and fully inspire more employees to consciously Learn technology and practice skills hard, drive the improvement of the professional skills of all employees, and add luster to the development of the coking industry.

A total of 116 employees from seven Xiaoyi coking enterprises, including Pengfei Group, signed up to participate in the competition, offering four major and six minor competitions for welders, electricists, meters and tests.At the scene of the contest for the determination of the laboratory bond index, the contestants calmly responded and focused on every detail of the operation. The referee who served as the contest gave a comprehensive score to the contestants in terms of preparation, operation process, result calculation and report, post-test cleaning and proficiency. However, in the welder competition area, there is a scene of enthusiasm, with knocking and cutting sounds one after another. The players hold the welding torch for fine operation, showing their hard strength and real kung fu in the arc and sparks.

After the same competition, a total of five Pengfei players won the individual first prize, two players won the second prize, one player won the third prize, and the comprehensive evaluation won the collective first prize, which fully demonstrated the excellent skills of Pengfei industrial workers. And craftsman skills.

After the award, Zhang Neng Cai, Secretary of the Party group and vice chairman of Xiaoyi Federation of trade unions, made a concluding speech. He pointed out that the competition not only built a platform for all the contestants to learn from each other and improve together, but also created an opportunity for the employees of coking industry in our city to establish an image and show themselves. It is hoped that enterprises in the city can take this competition as an opportunity to attach great importance to the technical training of employees, further improve the training system of high-skilled talents, and carry out professional skills training for employees at multiple levels and channels. The Municipal Federation of Trade Unions will use labor skills competition activities as the carrier, Continue to build a learning and exchange platform for the broad masses of employees, continue to promote the in-depth development of industrial workers, and lay a solid talent foundation for the high-quality development of Xiaoyi City.

The competition ended successfully in the collective chorus "We Workers Have Power.