"Love Pengfei' Meeting' Castle" Pengfei Group's 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Party Blooms Happily


Pengfei, Shanxi


The castle rises to the bright moon, and the whole of the world is at this time. At 7:00 p.m. on September 29, Pengfei Group's 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Party, "Love Pengfei Encountered" Castle, was presented brilliantly at Qinshui Xiangyu Castle.

Zheng Peng, chairman and president of Pengfei Group's board of directors, and more than 1,200 representatives of cadres and workers from various regions of the Group gathered together to enjoy Pengfei's magnificent development road presented at the evening party and to feel Pengfei's lofty ambition to enter a new journey and forge ahead into a new era.

At the scene of the party, Zheng Peng sent Mid-Autumn Festival blessings to Pengfei's family, shared with everyone the development achievements Pengfei has made in the past 30 years and his inner feelings and feelings, and placed high expectations on Pengfei's bright future.

Facing the future, Zheng Peng pointed out that the future Pengfei will show an information-based and intelligent scene in the integration of coal coking in traditional industries, and realize industrial modernization in the new era with an image of boundless computing power. Through the concerted efforts of more than 20,000 Pengfei people, the cultural tourism project will certainly be able to create a beautiful, magnificent and standing green ecological project like Xiangyu Castle. Pengfei hydrogen energy will become the port of hydrogen energy supply in the north, in the province, the country to achieve demonstration, play a leading role. Our tomorrow will be more blue, our tomorrow will be more brilliant!

Crosstalk "Broadcast New Saying" uses allegro, Beijing rhyme drum and guitar to humorously show the promotion of key work such as tool revolution, six major offices and health cleaning. Women's dance "Kuang Lu Tu" deduces a landscape painting majestic strength and lonely quiet blend of the ethereal world. The happy musical sitcom "Journey of Happiness", the passionate hot song string "Together with Love", and the passionate and high-pitched Shangdang Ba Yin Society "Celebration" pushed the atmosphere of the party to a climax. The party also incorporated folk intangible cultural heritage projects to play iron flowers, moat water against the splash of more than 10 meters high iron flowers, such as Tianhe flying line, the scene is festive, thrilling and spectacular!

Mid-Autumn Festival party wonderful moment

Thousands of miles away, the Mid-Autumn Festival together; the ends of the earth, blessing to send. Here, Pengfei Group wishes everyone happiness and well-being and family happiness!