The representative of Pengfei industrial workers won the first prize in the knowledge competition of production reform in Luliang City.


Pengfei, Shanxi


On September 19, the final of the 2023 Luliang Industrial Reform Knowledge Competition, sponsored by the Luliang Industrial Workers Team Construction Reform Coordination Group and the Luliang Federation of Trade Unions, and co-organized by Pengfei Group, came to a successful conclusion. The Xiaoyi team composed of 3 employees of Pengfei Group The team won the first prize of the group, the first prize of the individual, and the second prize of individual excellence. In addition, Pengfei Group also won the special contribution award for this event.


With the theme of "production reform and empowerment to create dreamer skills to serve the country and build a new Luliang", this competition comprehensively studies and implements the spirit of the first batch of summary and the second batch of deployment meetings of the central theme education, and thoroughly implements the spirit of General Secretary Xi's important instructions on the construction of industrial workers. A total of 24 players from 8 teams from 13 cities and counties in Luliang City entered the finals.


Tan Lixin, member of the Party group and vice chairman of Shanxi Federation of trade unions, Liang Zhifeng, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Luliang Municipal People's Congress and chairman of Luliang Federation of trade unions, Han Xiaoyan, Minister of economic and Technology Department of Shanxi Federation of trade unions, Ren Jianrong, vice chairman of Luliang Federation of trade unions, Bu Xinyu, Li Xiaochun, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Xiaoyi Municipal People's Congress and chairman of Xiaoyi Federation of Xiaoyi Federation of Xiaoyi Federation of Xiaoyi Federation of trade unions, Yang Xiaoyi Federation of trade unions, more than 300 people attended the scene, including trade union leaders and participating teams of all districts and counties in Luliang City, representatives of Xiaoyi municipal organs and townships, and staff representatives of Xiaoyi enterprises.



Pengfei Jinliu Tantan Gou Coal Industry Zhang Jinmei shared his growth process from ordinary workers to Party members and enterprise managers from the perspective of production reform and empowerment, industrial workers' development channels, workers' identity transformation, economy, status and happiness improvement.

Zhang Jinmei: Since the construction of the industrial worker team has been promoted, the development of Pengfei Jinliu Dantangou Coal Industry has been flourishing day by day and year by year. My growth and success in Dantangou are also obvious to all. From 2017, I was just an ordinary worker, grew up to be an enterprise manager, became a party member, and now I am also vice chairman of the trade union, we have truly achieved political status, economic treatment and social respect, and the industrial reform has really made our industrial workers promising and in position.

Pengfei "basks in happiness"


Liang Zhifeng:I expressed my warm congratulations to the award-winning units and individuals, and encouraged everyone to use a high-spirited and enterprising spirit, seize the day and night, and use the strong joint force of unity to promote the city's production reform work to a new level and create new brilliance!


Tan Lixin:On behalf of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, he extended cordial greetings to all the contestants, staff, and judges participating in the competition, saying that the reform of the construction of the industrial worker team is an important support and guarantee for the implementation of the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education, the strategy of strengthening the country with talents, and the strategy of innovation-driven development. The city continues to actively organize such competitions to promote the high-quality development of skilled talents, and provide strong support for Luliang and even Shanxi Province.

This competition covers labor laws and regulations, the content of the production reform policy documents formulated by the central ministries and commissions, strictly follows the principles of promoting learning by competition, training by competition, and teaching by competition, and vigorously promotes the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, and craftsmanship, and extensively condenses labor Glory, precious skills, create great social consensus, and sing the "Song of Workers" in the new era ".

Winner of the first prize of the group and the first prize of the individual, Hao Jianying, the main controller of the conversion of Class B of the hydrogen production plant of Pengfei Group:I am very proud to be able to represent Pengfei Group and Xiaoyi Team in the competition and win the first prize, especially the "skill specialization and professional industrialization" we proposed this year also let everyone know more about how and what the reform of industrial workers will be changed, and the top 500 enterprise platform is also helping Pengfei modernization and Chinese modernization, making our workers stronger. We will actively become the vanguard of industrial workers with higher standards and stricter requirements!