Pengfei Industrial Workers Team Vigorously Growing



In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, fully demonstrate the superb skills and good style of contemporary skilled talents, and stimulate the passion of the majority of industrial workers to improve the quality and entrepreneurship, recently, sponsored by the Xiaoyi City Federation of Trade Unions and undertaken by the Pengfei Group Trade Union The third Xiaoyi City Coking Industry Labor Skills Competition was successfully held in Pengfei Coking Plant. Bu Xinyu, vice chairman of the Luliang City Federation of Trade Unions and third-level investigator, Yang Tuan, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Xiaoyi City People's Congress and chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, and Zhang Nengcai, party secretary and vice chairman of the Xiaoyi City Federation of Trade Unions attended the event.



In this competition, there are six competitions in four categories: welder (argon arc welding, overhead welding), instrument work, laboratory test (bond index, titration) and electrical work. A total of 116 contestants from 7 enterprises in xiaoyi city participated. Pengfei Group won five of the six competitions and achieved the first overall result.



As one of the top 500 enterprises in China and the pilot unit of production reform in Shanxi Province, Pengfei has hosted the labor skill competition of coking industry in Xiaoyi City for three consecutive times. At the same time, it has stimulated the endogenous power of Pengfei's production reform through the promotion of external policies, and has explored a set of measures to adapt to the rapid and stable development of enterprises and industrial workers in improving the quality of industrial workers, many times in the production reform research by the general, provincial and municipal leaders of the affirmation and praise.

Industrial workers are an important force supporting Made in China and Created in China. They are important participants, active promoters and direct beneficiaries of reforms. Pengfei's industrial workers have gradually advanced from traditional labor workers to smart craftsmen in the wave of production reform. Education, skills, and status have all achieved a qualitative leap, and they are constantly moving towards knowledge-based, skilled, and innovative workers in the new era.



The traditional type of industrial workers through the "hard-working hands" to fight for a good day. Since the new era, Pengfei has proposed and realized that industrial workers have "a beautiful face, a happy hand and a smart brain". It has built intelligent enterprise mass safety workstations in various factories and mines, so that industrial workers can work with dignity and live with dignity, and industrial workers can "sit in the central control room wearing white shirts and knock on the keyboard for production" as a daily work scene.

With the goal of "everyone is a talent, everyone can become a talent", and with "learning all the time, learning every day, and lifelong learning" as a means to encourage employees at different levels to grow into talents, Pengfei has built a Secondary specialized school from college, college, undergraduate to graduate students. The education promotion channel implements internal incentive mechanisms such as tuition reduction and exemption, scholarships and grants, so that industrial workers can achieve both ability and education. At present, a total of 1481 people in the group have upgraded their college and technical secondary education, 2921 have upgraded their skills, more than 500 have been promoted to team leaders and section-level management positions in the process, and more than 30 have been promoted to middle and senior management cadres.



Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, emphasized: "The development of enterprises has entered a new era, and the quality of industrial workers must keep up, and none of them can be pulled down." The construction of workstations, employee innovation studios, and training bases has turned Pengfei's industrial workers into experts with professional skills and served "iron rice bowls" one after another "; the development of skills competitions, on-the-job training, and" five small "innovation activities cover a 12000 of industrial workers. More than 2800 industrial workers in the group can receive skills allowances.

The industrial reform relies on industrial workers, and the foothold is industrial workers. Pengfei will closely follow the overall thinking of the reform of the industrial worker team, continue to consolidate the responsibility of "production reform", improve the quality and efficiency of "production reform", and provide industrial workers with better opportunities and A higher platform, build the most extensive knowledge-based, skilled, and innovative talent team that adapts to industrial development in the new era, so that the entire group of industrial workers can benefit from industrial reform, play the vanguard of the construction and reform of the industrial worker team, and continue to contribute to the energy transformation and high-quality development of Xiaoyi City, Luliang City and even Shanxi Province.