Brave social responsibility is Pengfei's consciousness without reminding


Pengfei, Shanxi


Recently, at the 39th Teachers' Day Commendation Conference in xiaoyi city, Pengfei won the honor of "Excellent Enterprise for Donating to Teaching Assistants". Pengfei donated 1.2695 million yuan again to subsidize 159 students in the teachers' day public welfare activities in wutong town of Xiaoyi city.


Pengfei has always adhered to the corporate mission of "creating happiness for those who care about Pengfei's cause" and the mind of "industrial power and industry serving the country". It has always regarded social responsibility as a consciousness that does not need to be reminded, and always resonates with the development of Shanxi. It is not only a contributor to urban development, but also always gives back to the society with gratitude. Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, said emotionally that the courage to assume social responsibility has become a consciousness that Pengfei does not need to remind in the development process. In terms of social responsibility, no matter where there are difficulties, as long as we are needed, we will immediately Rush forward.


Love the students, love to help students realize their dreams.Education is "related to people's livelihood and the future of the nation." Pengfei deeply studied and grasped General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on education work, always devoted himself to educational philanthropy, and participated in the golden autumn student aid activities in Wutong Town, Xiaoyi City for many years. A total of more than 700 million yuan has been donated, more than 600 students have been subsidized, and poor students have been subsidized to improve the quality of education. Promote the development of education in Xiaoyi City.


Pengfei also joined forces with Qinshui County Government to build"Pengfei Qinhe Dreams", "Pengfei Qinhe Yucai"The student aid brand has funded more than 1600 outstanding students in Qinshui for 18 consecutive years, with a total investment of more than 500 million yuan; continue to expand the public welfare and charity platforms and carriers, pay close attention to the education of Wuxiang County, Qinyuan County, and Pingding County, and actively organize various awards, At the same time, Pengfei continues to expand the brand effect of student aid to benefit more people in Sanjin.


Love society, show great love.Since its establishment, Pengfei has always interpreted the corporate values of "love" with practical actions, and actively fulfilled its social responsibilities while developing and strengthening itself. Since 2017, six villages in Qinyuan County have been revitalized every year, with an average annual expenditure of 2.5 million yuan. In 2019, it donated 5 million yuan to Shengxi Education Foundation. As the exclusive naming unit of the "Pengfei Cup" three-person basketball match of the Second Youth Association, it continued to sponsor sports and donated more than 3000 million yuan. In February 2020, it donated 3 million yuan to the local Red Cross. In May, it signed a 6.4 million yuan purchase and sale agreement with Linxian County for 4000 tons of potatoes. In October 2021, there was the strongest autumn flood in history in Shanxi Province. Affected by the flood, Pengfei, in the face of economic losses of more than 65 million of its own factories and mines, was duty-bound to lend a helping hand to Xiaoyi, Qinshui and other places, donating more than 0.1 billion yuan! In March 2022, Pengfei registered 5 million yuan to set up Pengfei Charity Foundation in order to do a good job in charity and carry out public welfare and charity in a normal form. In April 2022, 5 million yuan was donated to help xiaoyi city's epidemic prevention and control work, once again demonstrating Pengfei's confidence and determination to fight the epidemic with all sectors of society.


Love environmental protection, positive.As the "chain owner" enterprise of Shanxi's hydrogen energy industry chain and the chairman unit of Shanxi's hydrogen energy industry alliance, Pengfei has been following the national green development concept for many years, relying on its own and regional rich coal coke resources and broad application scenario advantages, accelerating the development of hydrogen energy industry, seizing the layout of hydrogen fuel vehicle supply chain, and opening up new fields of diversified and practical application of hydrogen energy scenarios. In November 2022, Pengfei's first batch of 100 hydrogen heavy trucks was officially put into operation,Each heavy truck can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 12000kg per 10000km,The "hydrogen" mode of green logistics with low energy consumption and zero pollution has been established, which has played a positive exemplary and leading role in promoting the transformation and green development of traditional advantageous industries in Luliang City and even the whole province, and injected green "new power" into the establishment of hydrogen energy demonstration city in Xiaoyi City and even Luliang City ".

Great love is silent and virtuous! Pengfei's development and growth is inseparable from the support of party committees and governments at all levels and the assistance of all sectors of society. Pengfei will continue to develop its industry, always stand on the front line of the people and the country's most needs, and give back to the society and Sangzi with gratitude. This is Pengfei's responsibility and family and country feelings. Pengfei adheres to the value of "love" and puts it into practice, inherits love, and constantly promotes the development of society and harmonious development. For Pengfei, giving back to the society and caring for public welfare is an unending journey, and it is also a career that is always in progress. We have been on the road, and every bit of love will eventually converge into the sea!