The red spirit will never die and Pengfei strives for the first place-Pengfei Party Committee organizes "Political Birthday" and Red Journey Party Day activities



On July 7, 1937, the Lugouqiao Incident broke out, which marked the beginning of Japan's full-scale invasion of China and the starting point for the Chinese nation to carry out a full-scale war of resistance. This is a day of blood and tears in the memory of the Chinese nation. Countless Chinese people, regardless of life and death, fought bloody battles to defend rivers and mountains. The blood of the martyrs stained the mountains and rivers in exchange for today's peace.


On July 7, the Party Committee of Pengfei Group organized and carried out the "Political Birthday" activity of Communist Party members "Inheriting Red Spirit and Continuing Green Struggle" in the Smart Party Building Exhibition Hall of the Group Headquarters, and went to the Memorial Hall of Tongjiuyu, Tongzhen,Memorial Hall of the Anti-Japanese Model in Shishi Village,Further strengthen the party spirit education of party members, and enhance the sense of responsibility of party members to love the party, the country, the enterprise, and the post. Lv Xiaofang, deputy secretary of the party committee and administrative deputy general manager of Pengfei Group, and other members of the group's party committee team, party branch secretaries, party members who joined the party in July and new party members in 2023 participated.

After watching the documentary "A Hundred Years of Struggle for the People: July 7 Incident", Comrade Tian Zhenguo, member of the Party Committee of Pengfei Group, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Engineering Project, and representative of Pengfei's "90-day Spirit", led the team and wore party badges for 14 new party members. And send a political birthday card.


Li Xiaodong, a new party member and representative of industrial workers, was very excited when he was awarded the party emblem. The great spirit of the party's great cause will be passed on from generation to generation and will never be erased. Under the dual status of party members and representatives of industrial workers, he should take the lead in his post. Take responsibility courageously, inherit the spirit of the party, practice Pengfei culture, and contribute all wisdom and strength to the realization of Chinese-style modernization and Pengfei modernization.

Afterwards, everyone took the Pengfei hydrogen energy bus to the Zaijiuyu Memorial Hall in Tongzhen and the Anti-Japanese Model Memorial Hall in Shiyan Village to learn about the arduous battle history of the older generation of revolutionaries in the battle of Zaijiuyu, and listen to the 23 anti-Japanese martyrs and women's liberation pioneer Feng Quanying in Shiyan Village. heroic deeds. In the pursuit of red memory, inheriting the revolutionary spirit and absorbing the strength of forge ahead have strengthened the patriotism of all party members and the high morale of hard work and continuous self-improvement.


History has passed, but the battle of Pengfei people has never stopped, fighting in their posts, fighting in innovation, and fighting in the green development of energy transformation. Red leadership, green development, under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, Pengfei Group, as one of China's top 100 private enterprises, is advancing at full speed with high-quality development, with the goal of advancing into the first phalanx of Chinese enterprises and building a world-leading clean energy smart enterprise, in order to promote the realization of Chinese-style modernization!