The national post-doctoral research station is the only private enterprise approved in Shanxi Province.


Pengfei, Shanxi


Recently, the Office of the National postdoctoral Management Committee issued a letter on the filing of the second batch of postdoctoral research workstations in 2022. Pengfei Group was approved to set up a national postdoctoral research workstation, which is the only private enterprise approved in Shanxi Province. it has achieved a "zero" breakthrough in the postdoctoral research workstation in Luliang City.

For a long time,With the support of scientific research talents and business environment provided by the organization departmentPengfei Group is committed to building "Kechuang Pengfei",AnnuallyInvestment in R & DMore than 0.5 billion yuan, Establish close school-enterprise cooperation with Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University of China, China University of Mining and Technology, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology and other universities; Establish Pengfei Industrial College to train professional talents;Jointly with Taiyuan University of Technology to build "Green Smart Coal Coke Chemical Industry Science and Technology Research Institute"; Jointly with Shanghai Jiaotong University to build "Hydrogen Energy Vehicle Advanced Manufacturing Joint Laboratory"; Jointly with North University of China to build "Advanced Carbon-based Electrode Materials Shanxi Key Laboratory"The pilot base covering 11 hydrogen energy research and development topics such as production, storage, transportation, and equipment manufacturing has been approved by the science and technology department. It can provide a pilot platform for research and development projects in hydrogen energy-related industries at home and abroad, and coordinate to promote the transformation of results. There are more than 50 experts and professors working in the enterprise all the year round, and more than 10 patents have been obtained.



Approved post-doctoral research station,It is not only the affirmation of the National Postdoctoral Management Committee Office of Pengfei's progress in scientific research and talent innovation over the years, but also the result of the Shanxi Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department's strong support for PengfeiIt marks that Pengfei Group has made new breakthroughs in high-level talents and scientific research platforms. Pengfei Group will focus on three major areas: clean and low-carbon utilization and energy conservation of fossil energy, and renewable energy and energy storage of hydrogen energy,Continue to increase investment in scientific research, strengthen the training and introduction of high-level talents, deepen the integration of "production, education, research and application", promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, enable high-quality development of enterprises, and promote the rapid development of post-doctoral scientific research in Shanxi Province.