The group trade union organizes the Spring Festival to send warm activities


Pengfei, Shanxi


Spring Festival condolences send warm love Pengfei warm heart


On January 18, the trade union of the group company organized a warm and condolence activity during the Spring Festival. Zhang Zhiqiang, vice chairman of the trade union of the group and head of Shanxi Pengfei Resources Comprehensive Utilization Co., Ltd., presided over by Lv Xiaofang, chairman of the trade union and deputy general manager of the group, Zhang Zhilong, deputy general manager of coking and director of Pengfei Coking Plant, Tian Jianen, deputy director of Xinyu Coking Plant, and relevant responsible persons attended, and sent condolences to 17 workers.


At the beginning of the ceremony, Lu Xiaofang, chairman of the trade union and deputy general manager of the group, Zhang Zhilong, deputy general manager of coking plant and director of Pengfei Coking Plant, and Wu Zhicai, representative of the chairman of the grass-roots trade union and director of Chunhui platform comprehensive office, respectively distributed consolation money and consolation gift packages to 17 needy employees.

At the subsequent exchange meeting between the group trade union and the needy employees, the leaders at the meeting had a cordial conversation with the needy employees and inquired about their lives, families, and work conditions in detail. The employees unanimously expressed their gratitude to the group company and the trade union organization for their care and care. Continue to base yourself on this post, do your job well, and contribute to the realization of Pengfei's modernization.

Zhang Zhilong said that Pengfei's mission is to create happiness for people who care about Pengfei's career. The group company always cares about and cares for employees, and is committed to providing resources, spiritual, and material support for everyone. At the same time, it encourages young employees to pay attention to improving their academic qualifications and skills. Only when their work income and salary are improved can practical difficulties be solved in essence. Older employees should also pay attention to learning and the education of their children, the coking system has formulated a talent training plan in a targeted manner, and does a good job in the directional training and overall training of talents to help families in difficulties achieve real happiness, peace and warmth.

Lu Xiaofang made a concluding speech, saying that this sympathy forum is not only to send warmth, but also to send confidence and hope. Lu Xiaofang pointed out that the all-round and stable development of Pengfei Group has brought down-to-earth and stable income to employees. The harder you work, the luckier you are. If you choose Pengfei, you must believe in Pengfei, love Pengfei, follow Pengfei, and maintain an optimistic, positive and sunny attitude. Adhere to self-confidence, self-improvement, integrity and innovation, continuous efforts to make your choice correct, through your own struggle, improve life, change the status quo, harvest happiness, harvest a better tomorrow. The trade union of the follow-up group will also continue to do a good job in sending warmth, caring for employees and helping them with difficulties, helping them solve their urgent and anxious problems, resolving contradictions and disputes in a timely manner, and sending warmth to the hearts of the masses of employees, so that all employees can have hope, rush and success in their work and life.