2022 pengfei annual top ten news review!


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2022 Pengfei Annual Top Ten News Review


Xinyu CDQ Project Successfully Put into Production Shanxi Coking Industry Full CDQ Transformation Promotion Site Promotion Meeting Held in Pengfei Group





Pengfei Takes Over the Commencement Ceremony of Yonghong Coal Industry in Weidong Fengtai Coal Mine, Guzhou, Pingding Held





Shanxi Province Hydrogen Energy Industry Chain Enterprise Collaboration Supporting Signing Meeting Successfully Held in Pengfei Group




Pengfei Group Dongfeng Special Passenger's First 50 New Energy Logistics Vehicles Exported to the United States




The world's first 250 kW hydrogen fuel cell system was released in Shanxi Pengfei Group.




Pengfei Group was awarded the 264th place in the "2022 Top 500 Chinese Enterprises" and the 96th place in the "2022 Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises"





The committee of Shanxi Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. of the Communist Party of China was formally established and held the unveiling ceremony




Pengfei Group boarded CCTV "Focus Interview"




Pengfei Group's First Hundred Hydrogen Heavy Truck Demonstration Operation




Pengfei Group and Tianjin Nankai District Carry out Project Cooperation and Exchange and Hold Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony Shanxi Pengfei Group Successfully Led to Nankai in 2.38 billion





Looking forward to 2023, we will stand at a new starting point, fulfill the new mission, uphold the original intention, set sail and move forward courageously, with a high sense of responsibility and mission, strive to write a new chapter in the new era of Pengfei's modernization and strong enterprise, and present Pengfei with outstanding achievements 30th anniversary of the establishment of the enterprise!