"New" Strength Shows "New" Responsibility | Pengfei Group Announces Praise by Luliang Municipal Party Committee Organization Department


Pengfei, Shanxi



On November 25, the Organization Department of the Luliang Municipal CPC Committee issued a document to commend the first batch of 74 "two new" organizations (referred to as new economic organizations and new social organizations for short) that were proactive and made outstanding contributions. Pengfei Group, as a member of the "two new" organizations in Xiaoyi City, is on the list. This circular praise to encourage and guide the city's "two new" organizations in the epidemic prevention and control of the front line to gather "new" forces, to show "new" responsibility.


The article says:

170 new economic organizations and new social organizations in Luliang City actively responded to the call for protest and took the initiative to assume social responsibilities. As of October, they had donated more than 7890 million yuan in donations and materials, and organized and mobilized more than 12000 people to participate in voluntary services, fully demonstrating the city's "two new" The "new" power and "new" responsibility of the organization.

Since the beginning of this year, in the face of complex and severe forms of epidemic prevention and control, Pengfei Group has taken the initiative to assume social responsibility without reminding. It has actively responded to the "Proposal on" Two New "Organizations Actively Joining in Epidemic Prevention and Control and Contributing to Anti-epidemic Forces" issued by the Non-public Economic Organizations and Social Organizations Working Committee of the Organization Department of Luliang Municipal Committee, providing loving support in terms of funds, materials and manpower, A total of more than 600 million yuan has been donated. At the same time, cadres and employees have been mobilized to sink into the front line of epidemic prevention, cooperate with the armed forces department's "chemical prevention and rescue" emergency drill, and guard at 19 intersections of Yingbin Road and Yong'an Road. They have taken up the "two new" responsibilities with practical actions, demonstrated the "two new" actions, and contributed Pengfei's strength to the war "epidemic.





In order to effectively block the spread chain of the epidemic and make every effort to protect the lives and health of the people in Xiaoyi City, the leading group for epidemic prevention and control in Xiaoyi City decided to implement temporary static management of the city from 5:00 on November 26.

Warm tips during silence:

01. It is necessary to strictly abide by epidemic prevention regulations, actively cooperate with epidemic prevention work, and conduct nucleic acid testing in a timely manner.

02. Maintain good hygiene habits, open windows frequently and ventilate more.

03. reasonable diet, balanced nutrition.

04. Do a good job in daily health monitoring of family members and make psychological adjustment.‍