Donate 5 million more! Pengfei's donation for epidemic prevention continues to be strong.


Pengfei, Shanxi


Responsibility and responsibility have become the consciousness that Pengfei Group does not need to remind. This year, under the proposal of Zheng Peng, chairman and president of Pengfei Group, in order to carry out public welfare and philanthropy in a normalized form, the Shanxi Pengfei Charity Foundation was established with the approval of the Shanxi Provincial Civil Affairs Department.



On the afternoon of April 25, Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, went to the Dongdong Tunkou Epidemic Joint Checkpoint in Xiaoyi City to express condolences to the staff who have been sticking to the front line of epidemic prevention and control for a long time, and to them to protect the health of the people and protect the economic development of Xiaoyi. The dedication spirit expressed respect, and donated 5 million yuan to help Xiaoyi City's epidemic prevention and control work. This is also the outbreak of Pengfei Group to demonstrate the community's determination to fight the "epidemic" again.

Li Yongsheng, vice mayor of Xiaoyi municipal government, and Liang Hong, director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, witnessed the scene. Li Yang, vice president and general manager of supply and marketing of Pengfei Group, and Lu Xiaofang, deputy general manager of administration, expressed their condolences together.



As early as 2020, as the chairman unit of Luliang Coking Association, Pengfei Group took the lead in donating 3 million yuan for the first time, leading member units to donate a total of 12 million yuan; at the same time, it successively donated 1 million yuan to the Red Cross Society of Qinyuan County and 2 million yuan to the Red Cross Society of Qinshui County. Not long ago, Pengfei Group Huineng Coal Industry also donated 600000 yuan to Pingding County for epidemic prevention. This is a reflection of Pengfei Group's initiative to assume social responsibility.

"As long as the epidemic needs it, we will do our best to take the lead!" Chairman Zheng Peng said so. For a long time, Pengfei Group has taken public welfare undertakings as a conscious enterprise that does not need to be reminded. In terms of donation to teaching assistants, epidemic prevention and control, flood fighting and disaster relief, the accumulated donation has exceeded 0.3 billion yuan, which interprets Pengfei's value of "love" with practical actions.



It is understood that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Dongdongtun epidemic prevention and control checkpoint in xiaoyi city has shouldered the important task of garrisoning the south gate of xiaoyi. Recently, at least 3500 vehicles have entered the country every day, mainly heavy semi-trailers, mostly raw material transportation vehicles in wutong coal chemical industrial park.



I came to see everyone's work, whether it is enterprises or production during the epidemic, your efforts and efforts to ensure the normal production and operation of Pengfei, we should also actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention work, do not give you trouble.

-- Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group

During the exchange, Lei Liqin, head of the Dongdongtun epidemic prevention and control inspection station in Xiaoyi City, on behalf of the staff in the station, expressed gratitude to Pengfei Group for actively cooperating with the epidemic prevention work, actively handling various entry procedures, and condolences to the front-line staff many times.



Today, Pengfei Group Zheng always came to our site, I thought it was to communicate about logistics, did not expect to send us a surprise, 5 million for the city's epidemic prevention work is a great support, but also for our front-line epidemic prevention work affirmation.

-- Lei Liqin, head of the joint inspection station for the epidemic situation in Dongdong Tunkou.

At the critical juncture when the whole city is actively involved in the prevention and control of the epidemic, Pengfei Group has sent us great support. As a front-line attendant, I was both surprised and moved. This is not only the care and care for the front-line duty personnel, but also the spur and encouragement to us. As the site duty personnel, we must go all out to devote ourselves to the site duty work and guard the south gate for Luliang.

-- Wang Mingwei, Deputy Station Chief of the Joint Checkpoint for the Epidemic Situation in Dongdong Tunkou

Good deeds spread all over the world, and love spread to all families. In the future, Pengfei Group will continue to advance on the road of charity and public welfare, do good deeds in return to Sangzi, and make continuous efforts to achieve common prosperity.