With concerted efforts to fight the epidemic, Pengfei Party members are in action.




At the beginning of the New Year in 2020, a sudden "new crown pneumonia virus" swept across China, disrupting people's normal production and living order. Especially since April this year, epidemics have occurred frequently in many places in Shanxi Province. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the Provincial Party Committee, and the Municipal Party Committee, an "anti-epidemic" annihilation battle is steadily advancing in full swing on the land of Sanjin. Under the careful guidance of the higher-level party committee, the Pengfei Party Branch planned in advance, took the initiative, detailed the plan, and paid close attention to implementation to ensure the smooth and orderly progress of epidemic prevention and production in the plant. In this arduous battle, the majority of party members and cadres took the lead and courageously moved forward.



Since April 10, under the call and encouragement of the general party branch of the group, a total of more than 80 party members and activists have voluntarily signed up to take part in the anti-epidemic duty work to ensure the safety of the group headquarters and factories and mines. After receiving the list of volunteers, the general party branch of the group immediately set up a temporary party branch according to its factory department to let the party flag fly in the front line of the epidemic.



A party member is a banner, and a branch is a fortress. In this battle without gunpowder smoke, party members and activists of each branch of Pengfei Group use practical actions to show their business cards, show their identities, stand up, and take responsibility! Always play a pioneering and exemplary role, in the epidemic prevention and control of the battlefield, with practical actions to make the party flag flying high, the party emblem shining.



Finally, we believe that as long as everyone is united and united, we will surely win the final victory as soon as possible! Winter is over, and spring can be expected. May the mountains and rivers be safe and the people in good health. When the mountain flowers are romantic, we walk into the warm spring flowers together!