Focus on Party Building to Lead and Stimulate Production Vitality



In the process of the development and growth of the enterprise, Pengfei Group has always insisted on listening to the party, thanking the party, following the party, leading the green development with the red gene, and wading out a "double strong and six good" Pengfei road for the transformation and development of the enterprise.

Focusing on the goal of "party building is productivity", vigorously implement the work system of "party building leadership, united front cohesion, group advancement, and co-creation of brilliance", and actively carry out party building activities leading to group building, such as "party-mass joint learning" and "party members walking in front, A series of activities such as" setting an example in everything "improve the cohesion of party members and spur party members to play a pioneering and exemplary role.

Pengfei Group also actively carries out various activities with the theme of improving the well-being of employees and doing practical things for employees. It will strive to be outstanding party members, model workers, and outstanding talents, and strive to create "Youth Civilization" and "Five Elemental" outstanding innovation results Combine, continuously stimulate vitality, and provide a correct strategic direction for the transformation and development of enterprises.