Hao Pengfei: I am more concentric with the same name as the enterprise.




In 2008, Hao Pengfei joined Pengfei Group with the "special status" of the second college student employee of the enterprise, and was also trained by the enterprise as a key talent with high academic qualifications.

In 2017, Pengfei Group, which is steadily moving towards the top 500 private enterprises in China, established a brand-new department-the Business Information Department in accordance with the needs of corporate strategic development. Hao Pengfei, who is both an old employee and an educated person, was appointed as the first person in charge of this new department, and new explorations were opened in the new position.

It is said that shopping malls are like battlefields. Only when you know your enemy and yourself can you win a hundred battles. If Pengfei Group wants to gain a foothold, develop and grow in the fierce market competition, it is inseparable from the accurate analysis and grasp of the country's major policies and industry trends, and it must also have an in-depth understanding of the partners. The Business Information Department is an important department that undertakes the mission of "think tank staff" and "information supply.

Under the leadership of Hao Pengfei, the Business Intelligence Department, the Public Opinion Department and the Integrity Department have set up departments to track the technical trends, price implementation and management concepts of domestic and foreign industries for the group, and go deep into various factories, mines, departments, stations and branches to collect the problems existing in the operation, analyze, monitor and feedback the information, and put forward suggestions for improvement. The work of the department was fruitful, but at the beginning, everyone could not correctly understand the role of the department. They always thought that it was an organization dedicated to finding fault, and there were many misunderstandings.

Hao Pengfei, Director of Commercial Information Department of Pengfei Group

At first they were all opposed. They think this is a small report. In the process of investigating the incident, we were intimidated and threatened by some front-line coal miners. They kept sending you messages and making harassing calls, threatening their families.



Understand to understand, understand will support. Taking advantage of every opportunity, Hao Pengfei explained the responsibility orientation of the department in different ways and spread the concept of "information is productivity.

The effect is the best proof. Through the network platform, consulting agencies, and the business level of the same industry group, the business information department can always have a more accurate understanding of the technical level, development efficiency, price implementation, innovation model, etc. at each stage, and provide more professional and accurate suggestions for enterprise decision-making. Continuously serve the efficient development of the company, and more and more brother departments really understand the business information department and give tacit cooperation.

Hao Pengfei, Director of Commercial Information Department of Pengfei Group

The most obvious change now is that as long as it is bidding, or business terms, business prices, and other external contacts, when it comes to external business, he will definitely invite people from our department to participate.



In less than three years, the Business Information Department has continuously found loopholes and promoted standardized management through the supervision of purchasing enterprises, business prices, violations of regulations and disciplines, and has recovered nearly 20 million yuan of losses for the group.

Over the years, Hao Pengfei has devoted himself to his work, and the feedback given to him by the enterprise is warm and powerful.



Hao Pengfei, Director of Commercial Information Department of Pengfei Group

Because of myocardial infarction fell on the job, because the rescue was timely, when I woke up, I saw a critical illness notice signed by my family next to the pillow.

Hao Pengfei later learned that during his rescue, the chairman of the group not only paid for his medical expenses, but also repeatedly told the doctor: "this is the best employee of our company, we must go all out to rescue!". It is this sentence, let him very touched.

Hao Pengfei, Director of Commercial Information Department of Pengfei Group

As far as I am concerned, since I have lost my life once, I must live my life more wonderfully than others. What I can do now is to be more loyal to the company than others in this position.

Dedication is the recognition and practice of professional value, regardless of job differences. Love the post, love the enterprise, is the best way to achieve the height of life. Hao Pengfei often said that he has traces of Pengfei's corporate spirit accumulated over time, and there is also a microcosm of the dedication and dedication of every Pengfei employee. Carrying forward the old tradition in the new era, I believe that Pengfei Group in the "14th Five-Year Plan" new journey, there is a high-spirited, enterprising spirit of enterprise guidance, will certainly be able to build a transformation and development of the coal chemical industry "new development pattern" to make greater contributions!
Hao Pengfei, Director of Commercial Information Department of Pengfei Group

Corporate culture, only by accepting it in thought and behavior, can it be used as a driving standard for everyone to work. Only in this way can we always follow the footsteps of the enterprise to make common progress and common development, and let our enterprise do better and better, bigger and stronger, so as to realize the life value of each of us.