National Labor Model-Dong Qinliang




Dong Qinliang, Houcun Coal Mine Underground Monitoring Worker.2011In, Dong Qinliang, who was born poor, entered the Hou Village Coal Mine and became a coal miner. Although he is young and has no work experience, he has the tenacity to endure hardships and not admit defeat, learning knowledge, learning technology, and thinking hard.2013In, with excellent business skills, he was transferred to the command center and became an underground monitoring worker.2018At the end of the year, the coal mine industry carried out the upgrading and transformation of the safety monitoring system, and Dong Qinliang was listed as a pioneer and undertook the installation and debugging of sensors.

"Qin Liang is a real man and works in a down-to-earth manner. He is always the first to go to work when encountering difficulties. As long as he is here, we are all down-to-earth." Monitoring center technician Hu Zhimin said. In the management of gas monitoring and monitoring equipment, Dong Qinliang's excellent maintenance technology and fault judgment ability enabled him to solve the production problems again and again.

In 2017, Dong Qinliang won the honorary title of "Jincheng May 1st Labor Medal" and won the third-class merit of Qinshui County Labor Competition Committee; in 2018, he won the title of "Shanxi Province May 1st Labor Medal"; in 2019, he was awarded the title of Shanxi Province Sanjin Excellent Young Talent, was named a special model worker in Shanxi Province.