Pengfei Group Held a Special Gala to Celebrate the 100 Anniversary of the Founding of the Party and the "Two Excellence and One First" Award Ceremony




The road is blue and a hundred years old, singing a new journey. On the evening of June 27, Shanxi Pengfei Group held a special performance party to celebrate the 100 anniversary of the founding of the party and the award ceremony of "two excellent and one first" held by Shanxi Pengfei Group at Dongfeng Theater in Xiaoyi City.



The party kicked off in the scene chorus "Mom Taught Me a Song", reciting 11 wonderful programs such as "A Copy of Martyrs' Poems" and "Red Plum Praise" with singing and dancing, each with its own characteristics.



The scene performance "Red Rock" reproduces Chen Gang, Jiang Jie, etc.Revolutionary martyrs,"Embroidered red flag in prison" and other plotsThe vivid interpretation of the spirit of Hongyan, let the audience deeply feel the glorious struggle of our ancestors and the indomitable revolutionary belief. "Always toward the East, always toward the Party!




Pengfei Group commends outstanding Communist Party members and outstanding party workers. Li Yuebing and other 30 Communist Party members were awarded the honorary title of "Excellent Communist Party Member"; Wei Zhiqiang and other 10 party workers were awarded the honorary title of "Excellent Party Worker.

Pengfei under the Party is full of youth, and Pengfei under the Party is full of vitality.The scene performance "Pengfei under the Party" connects Pengfei stories.InAt the critical moment of the global epidemic, the first clean coal freight train from Shaanxi to Shanxi was brought in by Pengfei Group's Shichen Trade Party Branch.;With the aggressiveness of scientific research, absolute rigor, and the drive to do what you say, win the respect of all old party members Suo Shengfu......

The loud singing echoes in the playOn the fieldEmpty, solo "This Road" lyrics and Pengfei's road to development, deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. audience under the stageAlso lovecan't help but join the chorus.

The climax of the performance was repeated, and the flag bearer led the ten teams of the general party branch of Pengfei Group to report to the leaders. The representatives of the probationary party members were full of energy and won bursts of applause and applause, which inspired the enthusiasm of the audience to love the party and the motherland.

Pengfei Group Commends Outstanding Grassroots Party Organizations. Awarded the honorary title of "Advanced Primary Party Organization" to 12 grassroots organizations including the First Party Branch of Duanshi Coal Mine.

The party flag is picturesque, showing a century of glorious history; it is Pengfei that has such a group of outstanding party members and comrades charging ahead, leading the majority of employees to seek Pengfei's new development.



Party Flag Slowly Raised, Pengfei GroupGeneral Party Branch Secretary Zheng PengRaise your right fist and lead the comrades to review the oath of joining the Party and keep in mind their initial mission.The dance music "Our New Era" sang loudly and loudly, singing the new journey of the founding of the Party.

The journey of the new era is infinitely bright, and the mission of strengthening the country is inspiring.One hundred years, determined to carry out the original mission, one hundred years, lay the foundation for a career, one hundred years, wholeheartedly seek the well-being of the people, one hundred years, create brilliant and open up the future!




Finally, the party ended successfully with Pengfei's deep love for the Communist Party of China and sincere wishes for the motherland in the chorus of "no new China without the Communist Party.