Dumpling Love Dragon Boat Festival Love Warm Pengfei






      The fifth day of the fifth lunar month is a traditional Chinese festival-the Dragon Boat Festival. In order to practice "learning history, increasing trust, advocating morality and practicing history", carrying forward traditional culture and welcoming the Dragon Boat Festival, Pengfei group has distributed Dragon Boat Festival benefits to all 20000 and workers, including two cans of honey, five bags of red dates and a bag of glutinous rice, so that everyone can feel the festival atmosphere and relive the traditional culture in the busy and full working life.

      On the occasion of the festive season, Pengfei Group Yongjin Property held a rice dumpling competition to connect neighbors, enhance community cohesion, and enhance owners' sense of belonging and happiness. At the same time, I hope to be able to entertain and enjoy, enhance everyone's understanding of the traditional culture of the Dragon Boat Festival, and deeply experience the history and culture contained in the traditional festivals, so that the national spirit can be passed on.Experience the fighting spirit of a hundred boats in the pack rice dumplings competition, promote excellent culture, and inherit Chinese civilization!Bearing in mind the magnificent history of the eventful years, we will gather vigorous forces and march towards a great rejuvenation!

      The staff restaurants of Pengfei Coking Plant and Methanol Heat Source Plant, considering that most foreign cadastral workers choose to celebrate the festival in the factory due to heavy tasks in the near future, specially purchase zongye, glutinous rice and candied dates, and organize the staff of the general office to make zongzi for foreign workers and spend the Dragon Boat Festival together during the off-duty time after lunch.

      The fragrant leaves welcome the Dragon Boat Festival, and the traditional culture moisten the heart field. Although zongzi is small and affectionate, Pengfei Group wishes everyone good health during the Dragon Boat Festival.