Honor, Shanxi Pengfei Group Won the "China Red Cross Dedication Medal"


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Pengfei Group Qinhe Energy Co., Ltd. won the "Chinese Red Cross dedication Medal"

On August 20, the Red Cross Society of Jincheng City, Shanxi Province held an advanced collective award ceremony for the donation of the new crown pneumonia epidemic at Qinhe Energy Co., Ltd. of Shanxi Pengfei Group. Zhang Qin, executive vice president of the Red Cross Society of Jincheng City, presented Pengfei with the medal and certificate of dedication of the Red Cross Society of China.

At the ceremony, Zhang Qin fully affirmed Pengfei's good deeds and contributions to public welfare undertakings, and encouraged Pengfei to strengthen his faith, overcome difficulties, continue to assume social responsibility, and seek better and faster development.

On February 3 last year, at the key node of epidemic prevention and control, Zheng Peng, chairman and president of Shanxi Pengfei Group, made a special trip to Qinshui for the first time and donated 2 million yuan of special funds to support the epidemic prevention and control work in Qinshui County and help Qinshui epidemic prevention and control. At that time, he said affectionately: the virus is ruthless, Pengfei has love. Qinhe is an inseparable part of Pengfei, Qinhe's family is Pengfei's family, Qinhe's "position" is Pengfei's "position", in the face of the epidemic, "no one is an island".

Throughout the epidemic prevention and control war, Pengfei Group is working in different ways to fight the epidemic. Pengfei Group took the lead in donating 3 million yuan in the first place, leading the coking member units of Luliang City to donate 12 million yuan in total. At the same time, it donated 1 million yuan to Qinyuan County Red Cross and 2 million yuan to Qinshui County Red Cross. Leading the enterprise to 15,000 Pengfei people to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic and lay the foundation for the economic defense war during the epidemic. Whether it is donations and materials, or joint prevention and control, Pengfei is duty-bound to fulfill the corporate social responsibility, and work with the people to pass on the warm "epidemic" force.

The "Chinese Red Cross Society Dedication Medal" is an honor set up by the Chinese Red Cross Society to commend donors who have made significant contributions to the Red Cross's humanitarian public welfare undertakings.

Honor is both an encouragement and a spur for Pengfei. It has fulfilled its corporate social responsibilities in the past, and will continue to devote itself to public welfare undertakings, actively repay the society, and strongly promote the development and progress of local economy, society and culture.