Safe Gas Use-Natural Gas Company Opens Class in Pengfei ~


Pengfei Rong Media Center



On the occasion of the 20th "safe production month" in the country, in order to further popularize the safety knowledge of gas use and improve the safe gas use level of community owners, on the morning of June 2, Pengfei Group Yongfuyuan Community specially invited Xiaoyi Natural Gas Company to jointly hold a natural gas safety knowledge lecture in the multifunctional conference hall of Pengfei Headquarters 5G Central Dispatching and Command Management Platform to protect the safe gas use of Yongfuyuan owners.

The two lecturers of Xiaoyi Natural Gas Company cooperated with each other tacitly and provided professional guidance on the basic knowledge of safe gas use, how to deal with and prevent gas leakage and other important common sense through the combination of PPT and simple display board demonstration. At the same time, the video of real cases that have occurred in the surrounding areas in recent years is played to remind the owners to keep the alarm bell ringing and take precautions.

Li Yibing, deputy general manager of Xiaoyi Natural Gas Company, expressed his gratitude to Pengfei Group for its support and help over the years. He hoped that through this activity, the majority of owners' doubts about the use of gas can be solved and Pengfei can be helped to build a community with zero hidden dangers of gas use.

Wei Huabiao, general manager of Yongjin property of Pengfei Group, said that Yongjin property will continue to adhere to the principles of perfect service for residents, due diligence for safe operation, and dedication for enterprise development, and make every effort to build a safe, harmonious, beautiful and high-quality happy home.

Outside the venue, there were also a series of exhibition stands related to gas knowledge, and promotional materials such as "Customer Handbook" were distributed to the owners participating in the event for them to learn and understand.

Through this activity, the awareness rate of residents on gas safety knowledge was improved, and a good safety publicity atmosphere was created. Caring for safety is caring for life and working together to build a happy and safe home.