A wisp of thoughts into the dust Pengfei invites you to be green and safe for the Qingming Festival.




"A wisp of thoughts into the dust, all kinds of sad heart". In memory of the heroes, mourning the ancestors, and sweeping the tombs to worship their ancestors, most people express their thoughts and care by traditional renovations of tombs, hanging burning paper money, and offering sacrifices. In recent years, there have been frequent fire alarms during the Ching Ming Festival holiday, and many fires have been caused by careless burning of paper, resulting in unpredictable consequences.

In recent years, all localities are strengthening fire prevention deployment. Pengfei Group has organized fire fighting skills training and drills for a long time to improve Pengfei employees' sense of responsibility, crisis and safety awareness, master the use of fire extinguishers and other fire fighting tools, and improve their ability to deal with emergencies. Last year, in the "March 29 Qinyuan Forest Fire" in Qinyuan County, Pengfei people took part in the rescue without fear of danger and contributed Pengfei's strength. When villagers in the periphery of the methanol plant burned paper money, the open flame ignited the surrounding weeds to cause a fire. When the workers of the methanol plant found the fire, they put out the fire in the fire area as soon as possible, effectively controlling the fire and minimizing the loss.

"A single spark can start a prairie fire". Here, Pengfei Group proposes to all employees and friends in the society to protect the green ecology and have a green and safe Qingming Festival. Consciously abandon the old rules and bad habits such as burning paper money and setting off fireworks and firecrackers, take precautions against "burning", avoid the occurrence of fire, do not pollute the environment, do not throw debris, do not damage grass trees, do not pollute the air and rivers, and commemorate the dead in the way of ecological and environmental protection.