Epidemic prevention and control is urgent, precise policy and mission.


Pengfei Rong Media Center



With the rebound of the epidemic in Hebei, Liaoning and Yuci in our province, cities in our province have also launched a new round of epidemic prevention and control work. In order to implement the work deployment of the provincial and municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters, and resolutely win and fight the epidemic prevention and control battle and the tough battle, Pengfei Group's epidemic prevention and control leading group has planned for a rainy day, carefully deployed and faithfully performed its duties, strictly implemented various prevention and control measures, and has not relaxed and grasped the "external prevention input and internal prevention rebound", so as to continuously consolidate the achievements of epidemic prevention and control in 2020.

NO. 1 Prevention and Control Inspection

The Security Department has strictly implemented various prevention and control instructions, strengthened various measures such as body temperature monitoring, identity verification, travel card, health code verification, etc. for internal employees and external visitors, strictly disinfected and pasted seals on external vehicles (especially vehicles in Hebei and other places), and minimized their contact with internal personnel, thus forming a 24-hour, all-round, three-dimensional and no dead corner hidden danger investigation pattern of the headquarters and various factories and mines.

NO. 2 killing and cleaning

The headquarters, the office areas of factories and mines, and the staff dormitories have simultaneously strengthened the disinfection and cleaning efforts. The sanitary dead corners such as elevator rooms, corridor steps, wall corners, door handles, and high-frequency use parts shall be cleaned and disinfected on a "regular and timely" basis, and the collection, transportation and disinfection of domestic garbage shall be adhered to, so as to provide strong support for blocking the spread of the epidemic.

NO. 3 "tip of tongue safety"    

Pengfei Guobin Hotel strictly controls the procurement source of food raw materials and the hygiene and safety in the processing and production process, improves the epidemic prevention procurement procedures, centralized storage of cold chain food, comprehensive disinfection of skin packaging, thermal processing and heat treatment of all food materials (including cold dishes), ensures the safety and hygiene of the food preparation environment and dining area, and ensures the dining safety of employees and guests.

NO. 4 Material support

Materials are guaranteed and epidemic prevention is powerful. Pengfei Group pays attention to the procurement and storage management of epidemic prevention materials, masks, disinfectants, thermometers, protective clothing, goggles ...... The epidemic prevention materials have been declared and entered the inquiry stage. The relevant units of fixed materials for regular inventory replenishment, so that all kinds of epidemic prevention materials procurement in place, deployment in place, put in place, reserves in place, in order to win the epidemic prevention and control to do a good job of material security.

In 2020, Pengfei Group will focus on epidemic prevention and control on the one hand, resume work and management transformation on the other, and better complete the annual target tasks. In 2021, we will, as always, strictly guard against death, live up to our mission, implement precise policies, and scientifically prevent and control to ensure that Pengfei will take a good step and turn for the better in the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, and be a good leader in the energy revolution and comprehensive reform.