National Internet Media Shanxi Travel | | Pengfei "Shangxin" Becomes the Focus of Internet Media




From November 16th to 20th, the 15th National Network Media Shanxi Interview Group traveled to Taiyuan, Jinzhong, and Luliang to feel that Shanxi is the only province-wide resource-based economic transformation comprehensive reform pilot zone and the comprehensive reform pilot province of the energy revolution. Grasp the global trend and focus on the unique charm of the "six new" breakthroughs.‍

Pengfei, as a demonstrator of the intelligent, high-end and lean development of traditional coal coke chemical industry, as a leader in traditional industries to plug in 5G wisdom wings, and as a pioneer in the innovation and development of the hydrogen energy industry, has brought different experiences and feelings to the major online media reporters of the interview group, and has become the focus of deep attention of Xinhua and other major online media.‍‍‍