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On October 17, the third "Belt and Road" coal coke chemical industry green development seminar was successfully held in our city!

Jiao Yufeng, vice chairman of the Shanxi Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Wang Liwei, deputy secretary of the Luliang Municipal Party Committee, mayor of the government, Liang Zhiyong, member of the Standing Committee of the Luliang Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee, and other leaders at all levels of provinces, cities and counties, and Jin Yong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, from domestic and foreign coal chemical clean energy industries Experts, scholars and business representatives attended the meeting.

As the chairman unit of Luliang Coking Industry Association, Pengfei Group has hosted three meetings and played an active role in focusing on "six new" and promoting high-quality transformation and development for Xiaoyi, Shanxi and even the national coal and coke chemical industry.

Wisdom transformation cohesion forward

The construction of "Belt and Road Initiative" provides a new platform for world economic development and international cooperation, and also sets up a broad stage for opening wider to the outside world! -- Jiao Yufeng

Thank you all for coming together to give advice and suggestions to Luliang Coal Coke Chemical Industry, so as to inject new vitality and new impetus into Luliang's firm development of high quality! -- Wang Liwei

As long as we grasp the general trend of development, gather our strength and move forward firmly along the golden avenue guided by General Secretary Xi Jinping, we will certainly be able to turn today's grand blueprint into a beautiful reality for tomorrow! -- Liang Zhiyong

Investment project signing ceremony

At the signing ceremony, a total of 6 projects with a total estimated investment of 7.3 billion yuan were signed, including 4 projects of 2.6 billion yuan for chemical projects and 2 projects of 4.7 billion yuan for energy conservation and environmental protection and equipment manufacturing projects.

Pengfei Group and Shanxi Yuan Ye Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. have signed a project to produce 10000 hydrogen fuel heavy trucks per year, which means that Pengfei Group has taken a more solid step towards the strategic goal of "making coal bigger, coke stronger, chemical finer and hydrogen energy stronger!

Keynote Speech by Experts and Scholars

At the meeting, experts, scholars and enterprise representatives such as Jin Yong, Jia Kang, Wu Yin and Zhou Hongchun delivered keynote speeches on the spot, and representatives of German and Japanese enterprises sent their own opinions on the clean utilization of coal, coking technology and high value-added utilization of by-products through videos.

"Low-carbon development is an important way to build an ecological civilization" "Innovative development is the main engine of the new era" "Coking industry must take a green, circular, low-carbon sustainable development path" "Double prevention mechanism to help the high-quality development of coal chemical industry"... A targeted, forward-looking, constructive guidance was put forward to help Luliang Xiaoyi coal coke chemical industry green high-quality development.

Zheng Peng, chairman of Luliang Coking Association and chairman and president of Pengfei Group, delivered a speech on the theme of "focusing on 'six news' and seizing opportunities to promote the high-quality transformation and development of 5G green smart coal chemical industry.

"Three characteristics", "six new" and energy revolution are the strategic development direction of energy enterprises in the future. At present, Pengfei is accelerating the application and landing of 5G technology to realize the intelligent and digital coal chemical industry. Under the new development pattern, we need to calmly and objectively face up to the market, cost, environment, policy, operation, technology, talents and other factors, and plan the "14th Five-Year Plan" development strategy of the coal and coke chemical industry.

High-end dialogue

The high-end dialogue session with the theme of "Exploration and Practice of Coal and Coke Chemical Industry Chain" was presided over by Wang Yong, Deputy Mayor of Xiaoyi Municipal People's Government, focusing on industry wisdom, facing development problems, and providing exchanges and cooperation for the green development of coal and coke chemical industry The platform provides new ideas and good suggestions for the characteristic development of the coking industry.

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, a sweeping global epidemic, which will have a profound impact on the world economy, but it will not stop the "Belt and Road" cooperation to go deep and solid, and it will not stop the smooth flow of trade between the "Belt and Road" countries.

In the post-epidemic era, we should seize the opportunity of mutual promotion of development at home and abroad, actively integrate into the new development pattern, focus on the supply chain, industrial chain and value chain, and cooperate deeply with countries along the route to further strengthen the construction of the "Belt and Road" and achieve greater development in the course of joint consultation, joint construction and sharing.

Pengfei will always adhere to the development concept of green Luliang, green filial piety and green Pengfei, take talents as the foundation, innovation as the driving force and transformation as the mission. Pengfei will take a new way of transformation and development, set up an industry benchmark and make greater contributions to the green ecological development of Luliang, Shanxi and even the whole country's coal and coke chemical industry.‍