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On September 16, the 2020 Shanxi Top 100 Private Enterprises Conference was held in Taiyuan. The conference released the 2020 list of the top 100 private enterprises in Shanxi, the top 20 manufacturing industries in Shanxi, the top 20 private enterprises in Shanxi, the top 20 service industries in Shanxi, and the 20 most potential private enterprises in Shanxi, as well as the analysis report of the top 100 enterprises.

Pengfei Group ranked 2020 Shanxi's top 100 private enterprises and Shanxi's top 20 manufacturing enterprises 6th, compared with 2018 and 2019, the ranking continued to rise!

The analysis report released by the meeting showed that Shanxi's private economy accounted for 48.9 percent of GDP, private fixed asset investment accounted for 53.5 percent of the province's investment, absorbed about 77 percent of employees in the same period, and accounted for 59.6 percent of the province's tax revenue.

Pengfei Group's total assets of 58.616 billion yuan topped the list of the top 100 private enterprises. With 1.527 billion yuan ranking third in the list of total taxes; With 1.684 billion yuan's after-tax net profit occupying the fourth place on the list; Ranked second among the five private enterprises with more than 10,000 workers.

Various data show that Pengfei Group plays an irreplaceable role in promoting the steady improvement of the scale and quality of the top 100 private enterprises in the province, the continuous optimization of the industrial structure, and the continuous increase of social contributions.

For four consecutive years, the Shanxi Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce released a list of the province's top 100 private enterprises. For four consecutive years, Pengfei Group was on the list. The top 100 private enterprises are the "leading geese", the benchmark, the example, the "top students", and the goal of all private enterprises to catch up.

From 25, to 21, to 8 and then to 6, every promotion achieved by Pengfei Group is a step by step.

We will keep in mind General Secretary Xi Jinping's earnest instructions, implement the provincial party committee's overall thinking and requirements of "four for four highs and two synchronizations", focus on "six new" breakthroughs, empower 5G to develop again, and base ourselves on Shanxi's top 100 with the confidence and determination of "seeing Pengfei with today's glory!