Mother's Day | Love her more than today


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universe flood

The vastness of life

But only the mother and the child really share the heartbeat.

At birth

She's been waiting for you for about 432000 minutes

5 years old

She has cooked you about 5475 meals

At the age of 10

She has taken you to school about 3500 times


Dependence in childhood

Adolescence of the collision

Understanding in adulthood

Is a part of the mind can not give up

The selfless companionship of maternal love

Let the memory more permanent

Let miss more long


Footsteps of time

Never stop

Year to change everything

Only maternal love perseverance in


Let's take a look at Pengfei people

on this special holiday

What you want to say to your mother


in a flash

The once young girl

Already over half a hundred years old

wrinkles at the corner of the eye

gray hair

The years have climbed on her face.

Life is like four seasons

There are also spring, autumn, winter and summer

The years go by without words

Can you ever think of a mother also had youth

The most beautiful thing in the world

Nothing more

I have grown up

She is not old



In the midst of stumbling

Learn to be brave

In the midst of a stumble

know how to bear

Can be in the mother's eyes


Always be the one

a little child


In this special festival

Pengfei Group is also responsible for Pengfei's mothers.

Send the blessing of the festival

Here I wish them forever young and beautiful

I also wish all mothers in the world

Happy Mother's Day