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What is youth?

The New Youth, published in 1915, said

"Youth is like early spring, like Asahi

Like the budding of a hundred flowers

As the new hair of the blade in whetstone

The most precious period of life"



Life Stopped

World Stall

Sudden silence.

Let everyone be caught off guard

The virus is ruthless.

But there's always someone charging ahead and running backwards.

For our shelter escort

In particular, a number of outstanding young people have emerged.

They are a generation of youth.

A struggling generation.


In this war without smoke

Pengfei Youth

Dare to charge the front line

Fighting the epidemic in different ways

They do self-epidemic prevention

Working hard in their respective posts

for enterprises

The resumption of work and the war of economic defense

laid the foundation


In particular, the procurement department of youth as a representative

They guarantee production needs

Cost savings

Always run in the line

They are the young people of the new era.


Rushing to the front line

Race against time

They have had heartache

There have been tears

But never give up

Procurement ministers

Always lead by example

Lead the department salesman to run in the front line

With the fastest speed to ensure the production required


Farewell to the small family parting reunion

Set out

Countless days and nights

Squatting at Dongtun Toll Station

Guarding our transport lines

They are ordinary youth

But they are ordinary but not mediocre

Research again and again

Coordination again and again

Time and again to meet the difficulties

In exchange for another miracle

24 hours of uninterrupted work

Walk nearly 30000 meters a day

They are in a foreign land

With action to express the story of Pengfei


Youth is brilliant because of sharpening

Life due to struggle and sublimation

Years behind the quiet good

It is Pengfei youths who are carrying heavy loads.

Critical moment of epidemic


Without the slightest hesitation

Without the slightest slack

Home, for everyone.

Because of the responsibility carried on their shoulders.

They are Pengfei people

Young people too.


Struggle at that time.

an epidemic

A "rescue"

Let everyone feel

Power from Pengfei Youth

They're all at their posts

Stick to the dedication

They use action

Interpreting the Responsibility and Responsibility of Contemporary Youth

Thank them for their efforts

They are the best example of Pengfei people


2020 bitter before sweet

We are in the youth

There is passion and vitality

have the responsibility to bear

Let us together

Creating Pengfei's Future with Youth

We believe that we keep moving forward under the epidemic.