May 4th Youth Day | Sing for Youth




101 years ago on this day

The May Fourth Movement broke out.

In the face of national and national peril

Countless patriotic young people come forward

Generation after generation of youth

In the midst of history

Let the May 4th Spirit Beacon Pass on

Engraved under the colorful imprint of youth


May 4th Youth Festival Century Movement

After the end of the First World War, the "Paris Peace Conference" unreasonably rejected China's legitimate claim as a victorious country to abolish unequal treaties. The defeated country Germany's illegal rights and interests in Shandong, China, were stolen by the powers to Japan, which aroused the Chinese people. Great indignation. On May 4, 1919, more than 3,000 students in Beijing chanted the slogan of "fighting for national power outside and punishing national thieves inside", held demonstrations, and quickly developed into a nationwide anti-imperialist patriotic movement and a new cultural movement against feudal cultural traditions with democratic science.

So far

May 4th Movement

It's open.

A Century of Glory for the Chinese Youth Movement

The beginning of the 2020 is tear gas

Sudden outbreak

Let a lot of people helpless

Although Pengfei can't charge the front line

But still in a different way

Efforts to fight the epidemic

Take the initiative to donate 6 million yuan

And lead the enterprise to 15000 Pengfei people

Do a good job in epidemic prevention and control


The power of example

Pengfei under the epidemic.

A large number of young people emerged

They have

Free and independent thinking

Rigorous working attitude


dare to challenge

Continuous learning

Based on their own duties

Stick to your post

They are the new era of Pengfei youth


The years are not old

Immortal youth

Times have been changing

What remains unchanged is the initial heart of Pengfei young people.

They are all in their respective posts

Stick to the effort


special day

Special University

4 May 2018

Company established Pengfei Industrial College

Let Young Workers Enter the Classroom of Pengfei University

Mining Potential in Learning

Improve professional ability

A strong youth is a strong country

Achieve Pengfei People Strong

Pengfei stronger


There are countless definitions of youth

Young people also have all appearances.

Pengfei Youth

do their best in their respective posts

Gather together with a fire

Blooming stars

With the youth of me

Pengfei of Creating Youth

Strive to be Pengfei people with ideals, abilities and responsibilities.