Xiaoyi municipal departments in-depth Pengfei active service




On March 24, Zheng Peng, chairman and President of Pengfei group, said bluntly: "it is better for the Communist Party."

Xiaoyi City People's Social Security Bureau Party Secretary, Director Liu Mengsheng with subordinate units talent center, employment center, social security center, labor inspection brigade related personnel, and the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology related leaders more than 10 people, in-depth Pengfei headquarters, active service, research and guidance during the epidemic Pengfei epidemic prevention and control, labor and employment, salary payment, social security payment, resumption of work and production.

The research group and his party introduced the relevant preferential policies for enterprises to reduce and exempt medical, unemployment and work-related injury insurance units in stages. Liu Mengsheng said, Pengfei is the country's top 500 private enterprises, in the industry has a leading role, the relevant departments must do a good job of benefiting enterprises, for enterprises to promote the prevention and control of the epidemic and help economic and social development to make greater contributions.

Epidemic prevention and control, a total of difficult times. In the face of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic situation, Pengfei Group thoroughly implemented the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on "one hand to grasp the epidemic prevention and control, one hand to grasp economic and social development", the resumption of production as a top priority, and vigorously maintain economic development and stability.