Pengfei Orientation Class Enrolls Students | | Counterpart Allocation Makes Your Learning Use


The east wind swings green branches

In a trance and deep spring

It's graduation season again.

A university that is good at examination and employment.

Please look here ~

The epidemic has disrupted most of the college entrance examination plans.

But those who are prepared never panic!

It is now!




Online Admissions!

Yeah, that's it.

Break into the top 500 private enterprises in China

Full of ambition to stand at the forefront of the coking industry

Now join hands with Luliang Vocational and Technical College to recruit students online!

Professional involves: coal deep processing and utilization (chemical)

Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation

mine electromechanical technology

coal mining technology

Tourism Major (Hotel Management)

After graduation, the counterpart is assigned


Luliang area, Changzhi area, Jincheng area

All organs, factories, mines, hotels and other enterprises










Pengfei Group and Luliang Vocational and Technical College Joint Orientation Class

The official start of enrollment!

| | Three-year full-time junior college | |

Sign a tripartite agreement with the Group upon admission

In that year, you can enjoy the admission subsidy of 1000 yuan from the company.

At the same time, the establishment of "Pengfei Scholarship", issued once a year

First prize: 1 person/class; The amount of assistance will be RMB 2000 yuan/person;

Second prize: 2 persons/class; The amount of assistance will be RMB 1000 yuan/person;

Third prize: 3 persons/class; The amount of award is 500 yuan per person.


As long as you have ideal

As long as you are under the age of 26

As long as you are a senior secondary education school

(Including ordinary Senior high school, vocational Senior high school, Secondary specialized school, technical schools)

Previous graduates and other candidates with equivalent qualifications, veterans

You can sign up to join!


Student: Worried about not choosing a major......

Xiao Bian: Don't worry about choosing a major!

We have a professional recruitment manager to help you tailor the choice


Student: Worried about future employment difficulties......

Don't worry about future work!

Don't forget that we are one of the top 500 private enterprises in the country.


Student: Worried about the diploma......

Xiaobian: regular colleges and universities! National recognition!


Student: Worried......

Xiao Bian: Senior High School Sister is Good-looking, Junior High School Brother is Stupid, Senior High School Sister is Handsome, Junior High School Sister is Gentle

Admission subsidies, scholarships, rich clubs, delicious food

As long as you come, the future worry!!!

(shout ~ add chicken legs to xiaobian, you have learned to rush to answer!)

Hesitation = missed opportunity

This orientation class

There are only 5 targeted counterpart majors and 7 classes

A total of 150 students

The number of places is limited, first come, first served ~

College entrance decision of life! It depends on how you choose

Registration Hotline:

Changzhi City 18935355550 (Minister Li)

Jincheng 13935629369 (Manager Zhang)

Xiaoyi city 0358-2883222 (Yang Jingli)