[Virus Ruthless Pengfei has Love] Pengfei 6 million Donates to Support Anti-epidemic


Pengfei Group News Center



On the morning of February 3, the donation ceremony of Qinhe Energy of Pengfei Group to the Red Cross Society of Qinshui County was held in Qinshui County people's Hospital, which is the fourth donation initiated by Pengfei Group during the Spring Festival this year.

In the past month, the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection has touched the hearts of the people of the whole country every day. Every moment carries the sweat of angels in white, and every second is full of hope, touch and faith.

If you do good with all your heart, you will respond to it!Pengfei Group, as the president of Luliang Coking Association, led the donation of 3 million yuan and led its member units to donate 12 million yuan in total. At the same time, it donated 1 million yuan to Qinyuan County Red Cross and 2 million yuan to Qinshui County Red Cross.

As long as the epidemic needs it, we will do our best to take the lead!The virus is ruthless, Pengfei has love. In the face of the epidemic, no one is an "island"! Let's strengthen our confidence, help each other in the same boat, unite as one, and overcome the difficulties together! Come on, Shanxi! Come on, China!

-- Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group

Firm confidence, help each other in the same boat, scientific prevention and control, war epidemic to the end!

Pengfei firmly believes that with the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the careful deployment of party committees and governments at all levels, and the people of the whole country with one heart and one mind to overcome difficulties, China will surely win this epidemic prevention and control war! Come on, China! China will win!