Deepening School-Enterprise Cooperation: Pengfei Signed a Contract with Shanxi Engineering Vocational College




On October 17, the group company and Shanxi Engineering Vocational College jointly held a signing ceremony. "Pengfei College of Shanxi Coal Vocational and Technical College" was officially renamed "Pengfei Industrial College of Shanxi Engineering Vocational College".

Cai Hongxin, vice president of Shanxi Engineering Vocational College, Huang Haiwei, director of human resources of the group company, Ma Xiaolong, minister of human resources, and responsible comrades of both schools and enterprises attended the signing ceremony.

Huang Haiwei extended a warm welcome to Cai Hongxin and his party, and thanked Shanxi Vocational College of Engineering for its contribution to Pengfei's talent development. He hoped to take this signing ceremony as an opportunity to consolidate the foundation of cooperation based on reality, improve the scale and quality of cooperation, and realize the resource sharing, complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win situation of both schools and enterprises.

Cai Hongxin briefly introduced the situation since the expansion of the college, saying that when he first came to Pengfei, his heart was very shocked. The intuitive impression of the unattended block area, green belt block area and production system automation equipment inside the factory highlights Pengfei's modern advanced management concept. During the two-year cooperation, the two sides of the college have a tacit understanding. In the future, Pengfei Industrial College will actively participate in technology research and development, carry out stand-based research and development, and help Pengfei's development on the premise of doing a good job in skills training. And create exclusive order courses for Pengfei's needs and processes to train exclusive talents for Pengfei.

It is understood that Shanxi Engineering Vocational College is formed by the merger of the "national demonstration school" Shanxi Engineering Vocational and Technical College and the "national backbone school" Shanxi Coal Vocational and Technical College. It is one of the four recommended schools of "high-level higher vocational schools and professional construction plans with Chinese characteristics" in Shanxi Province. There are 16 departments and more than 60 specialties, including heavy machinery, coal chemical industry, equipment manufacturing and other industrial application specialties.

In a friendly atmosphere, representatives of the two sides signed the agreement on the training of talents for school-enterprise cooperation and took a group photo as a souvenir.

Before the signing ceremony, the leaders of Shanxi Engineering Vocational College also visited the methanol co-production LNG production base, the classroom of Pengfei Industrial College, the staff bookstore and the innovation studio of Suoshengfu staff.