Pengfei Group's Factory Waste Material Treatment Award Publicity


Bid-winning publicity

Xiaoyi Pengfei Industrial Co., Ltd.'s bidding project for waste material disposal in various factories, with the bidding number (PFZB-201909-25), was opened at 14: 30 on September 27, 2019. At 10: 00 on September 28, 2019, all bidding units were required to re-quote according to our company's detailed list of waste materials. The evaluation work has been completed according to the requirements of the reasonable and highest bid selection method. The successful candidates are now announced as follows:

The successful candidates are:

Gao Xueyong: Changyuan Coking Plant, Pengchang Coal Preparation Plant (New Plant, Old Plant), Hualu Water Plant, Xinyu Coking Plant (Sieve Coking Building, 2# Coal Preparation Plant, Coke Powder Processing), Qixin Coal Industry, Shanda Coal Preparation Plant, Yongfuyuan Community

Liu Zhigang: Chenming Coal Coke and Jintaoyuan Coking Plant

Jiexiu Huiyue Trading Co., Ltd.: Jinyan Carbon Factory

The publicity period for the successful candidates is 1 day from the date of publicity, and the deadline for publicity is October 7, 2019. During the publicity period, if there is any doubt about the successful candidate, the real name can be submitted to the purchaser/procurement agency in writing.

It is hereby publicized.


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6 October 2019



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