Chairman Zheng Peng sent a congratulatory letter to Changxin Coal Mine Construction Headquarters!


The joint trial operation of Changxin Coal Mine was approved by the Shanxi Provincial Energy Bureau to be filed and publicized, marking the full transfer of Changxin Coal Mine from the infrastructure mine to the joint trial production stage, marking the birth of a real production-oriented enterprise.

Changxin Coal Mine is the mine with the largest reserves and the richest resources in Qinyuan area. Construction started in 2011, with high design standards, long construction period and large investment scale. In March 2018, Pengfei Group restarted the construction of Changxin Coal Mine. All departments unified their thinking, carefully organized, worked together, overcame many difficulties, actively coordinated and communicated with competent departments at all levels, handled more than 130 procedures, and completed the infrastructure in just 15 months., Realized the approval of joint trial operation.