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Honor witnessed glory. Under the leadership of Chairman Zheng Peng, Pengfei Group has been rapidly transforming and developing. At the same time, it has actively returned to the society, benefited Sangzi, and actively participated in social welfare undertakings. Over the years, it has donated nearly 100 million yuan in donations to teaching assistants, afforestation, urban greening, and highway construction. It has successively won the "Kunpeng Assistant, Tengfei Wutong", "Pengcheng Wanli, Wufeng Feixiang", gaoyang town "donation teaching assistant, school education" and other honors.

On January 18, 2017, Pengfei Group donated 565600 yuan to commend advanced units and model individuals in the integrated education work of phoenix tree; on July 24, Pengfei Group donated more than 120 million yuan worth of 120 first aid equipment to Xiaoyi City People's Hospital; on August 4, at the Luliang Municipal Bank-Enterprise Joint Economic Transformation and Upgrading Promotion Conference and Corporate Charity Donation Poverty Alleviation Mobilization Conference, Pengfei Group offered love to poor areas and poor people, donating 1 million yuan; October 16, pengfei Group donated 1 million yuan to the Luliang Charity Federation; in the paired assistance project to Linxian County, it donated more than 1000 million yuan to help the local rural areas improve production and living conditions, which has been widely recognized and highly praised by all sectors of society.