Invitation to Bid for Professional Wear of Employees of Pengfei Group


Invitation to Bid for Professional Wear of Employees of Pengfei Group

Chapter I: Invitation for Bids

1. bidding project

Pengfei Group's business attire procurement project.

2. Subject

This procurement is tentatively scheduled for 400 people, all of whom are office administrators. Bidders are required to provide samples, recommended fabrics, and models to show the actual wearing effect.

3. Bidder Qualifications

1, specializing in clothing design, production of factories, companies, declined clothing suppliers.

2, with strong project management, technical services and organization and implementation capabilities, can meet the production, distribution and service requirements specified in the procurement documents, and have similar project implementation experience, can undertake the implementation of the project, and have good work performance and performance records.

3. Regardless of the practices and results in the bidding process, the bidder shall bear all costs incurred in the bidding activities.

4. Bid Deadline and Place

April 11, 2018, 9:30 am

Place of bid: 4005 office, 4th floor, pengfei group, zhenxing street, xiaoyi city, Shanxi province.

Please send an email or call the person in charge of the tenderee before the deadline, or register at the above-mentioned place. If it fails, it will be deemed not to participate in the bidding.

V. Time and Place of Bid Opening

April 13, 2018 9:30 am

Place of Bid Opening: 4005 Office, 4th Floor, Zhonghe Road, Zhenxing Street, Xiaoyi City, Shanxi Province. All bidding units are requested to sing and evaluate bids on site.

6. bid evaluation method

comprehensive scoring method. The tenderer will score according to the company's strength, quotation, quality, post-service and so on.

7. contacts

Director Zhao

Tel: 15935160040 0358-7526555

Fax: 0358-7826555


Chapter II Instructions to Bidders

1. General Provisions

1.1 This tender document is the tender request of Pengfei Group (hereinafter referred to as the tenderee) to the company invited to participate in the tender (hereinafter referred to as the bidder).

This Bidding Document is 1.2 as the basis for the Bidder to submit the Bid.

1.3 Bidders should carefully read all matters and requirements in the bidding documents. If the Bid is not submitted in accordance with the requirements of the Bidding Documents, the Bid may be rejected at the Bidder's risk.

1.4 For the bidding requirements proposed in this document, the bidder shall clearly reply item by item in its bidding documents, indicating whether the requirements are met and the degree of satisfaction. The requirements shall be explained in words and specific indicators without ambiguity, otherwise the tenderer will be deemed to be dissatisfied with the requirements of this bidding document.

If the 1.5 fails to provide relevant qualification certificates according to the requirements of the tenderee or fails to meet the basic requirements of the tender and the contract terms, it may affect the bid winning of the bidder. After verification, the tenderer finds that the bidder has untrue indicators or instructions, which will also affect the bidder's winning of the bid.

1.6 For any reason, the Tenderee has the right to modify the Bidding Document as required 3 days before the deadline for submission of bids and inform the Bidder by telephone, and the Bidder shall reply to the Tenderee by email or in writing after receiving the notification. Amendments to the tender documents will form part of the tender documents and will be binding on both the tenderer and the bidder.

1.7 The tenderer does not charge any fees in this tender, and the representatives of the tendering units shall be notified of the results of the tender.

1.8 The Tenderee shall have the right of final interpretation of the Bidding Documents.

2. Bidding method

This tender is an invitation tender, requiring the bidder to quote in strict accordance with the requirements of the tenderer. Bidders can choose the best project to bid separately and give up bidding for other projects. The tenderer may choose to win the bid alone or all of the items tendered by the bidder.

3. Composition and requirements of bidding documents

The Bid shall consist of at least the following parts:

The 3.1 tender letter shall be signed by the legal representative and stamped with the official seal of the tenderer.

The power of attorney of the 3.2 legal person shall be signed by the legal representative and stamped with the official seal of the bidding unit.

3.3 relevant enterprise qualification materials, including enterprise legal person business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate and other certificates, shall be provided with a copy and stamped with the official seal.

3.4 related product qualifications, mainly including clothing fabrics, accessories and other materials certificate, test report, certificate of origin.

3.5 company profile, marketing performance, and major financial conditions in the past three years.

The 3.6 has undertaken the performance and supporting materials of similar projects in the past three years, including supply contracts, bank payment receipts of purchasing units, contact persons of purchasing units, telephone numbers, etc.

3.7 clothing style, workmanship and other basic requirements, and the specific process.

3.8 clothing quotation sheet. According to the requirements of the tenderee fabric quotation, and provide the origin.

Commitment to 3.9 product quality assurance and after-sales service (quality assurance measures, free warranty period, warranty period service content, etc. are required to be specified).

3.10 sample clothes, carry the clothes in kind at the time of bid opening. Includes:

Sample Clothes


Quantity (piece/set)

Specific requirements

Business attire

Two shirts, one pair of pants

a set

suitable for office wear

ceremonial dress

a set

Suitable for meeting etiquette reception



4. Requirements for preparation of bidding documents

4.1 Bid shall be made in five copies, one original and four copies, and the words "Original" and "Copy" shall be marked on the front page. At the same time, an electronic version of the same content as the bidding documents shall be submitted.

The cover of the 4.2 bid must be stamped with the official seal of the bidder and confirmed by the signature (seal) of its legal representative.

4.3 bidding documents are printed on A4 paper and firmly bound into a book.

4.4 Tender documents shall be strictly sealed and all interfaces on the package shall be stamped with official seal.

4.5 In case of any inconsistency between the original and the copy of the bid documents, the original shall prevail.

5. Requirements for Bid Quotation

5.1 The price quoted by the bidder is the price for the production and delivery of the garments to the delivery place designated by the tenderee, including all costs of transportation, insurance, taxes, etc.

5.2 tender offer is a one-time final offer. The tenderer does not undertake to use the lowest quotation as the sole basis for winning the bid.

The unit of 5.3 quotation is RMB "Yuan". If the unit price is inconsistent with the total price, the unit price shall prevail.

5.4 Bidders shall quote in strict accordance with the format of the quotation attached to the bidding documents.

6. Bid evaluation method

The tenderee will set up a bid evaluation team to determine the winning bidder after comprehensive evaluation according to the bidding unit's quotation, company strength, format technology, clothing quality, after-sales service, etc.

7. Notification of Award

The Tenderee will notify each Bidder of the results of the bid by telephone or mail.

8. Signing of contract

Within 10 days after the 8.1 of the winning bidder is determined, the tenderee signs a contract with the winning bidder. The tenderer shall have the right to make appropriate adjustments to the quantity of garments when signing the contract.

The 8.2 bidding documents and the bid documents of the winning bidder are all part of the contract.

9. Other Agreements

9.1 the tenderer in the future every year to increase the number of various types of clothing demand. Each increase will be re-contracted. The winning bidder shall promise to implement the terms of the winning price, fabric, construction period, after-sales service, etc., and the tenderer will also perform relevant obligations and exercise relevant rights in accordance with the bidding documents and the contract.

The 9.2 quotation is the upper limit of the winning bid, and the contract price after negotiation shall prevail.

9.3 the preliminary selection unit after the bid opening, the tenderee has the right to negotiate the bid, put forward design modification opinions and negotiate.

price, after-sales service requirements, etc.

The 9.4 is based on the final signing of the supply contract as the winning unit, and matters not covered are reflected in the contract.


Chapter III Main Contract Terms

The Bidder must respond to the following important contract terms when bidding, otherwise it will affect the Bidder's winning bid:

1. The bidder shall ensure that the ownership of the products and trademarks provided is undisputed, and the bidder shall bear all the responsibilities for disputes arising from the ownership of the products and trademarks and the third party.

2. If the clothing is unqualified during the delivery and acceptance, the bidder shall be responsible for the replacement free of charge until it is qualified and satisfied.

3. The winning bidder shall produce according to the winning sample and shall not change the design scheme and fabric without authorization. After entering the fabric, the winning bidder shall provide a 100cm × 100cm sample, which shall be sent by the tenderee to the national special testing institution for testing. During the production period, the tenderee will send people to the manufacturer for inspection from time to time. If it is found that the clothing is produced by other non-contract manufacturers on behalf of other non-contract manufacturers, or the use of materials that do not conform to the contract for production and other violations, the tenderee has the right to reject it. The winning bidder shall not transfer the winning project to others, and shall not transfer the winning project to others after dividing it up.

4, the winning bidder delivery, must issue a certificate of conformity of the goods in accordance with the provisions of the state, but can not relieve the winning bidder in the quality assurance period of responsibility. When the tenderer accepts the goods, he shall conduct sampling inspection. If it is found that it does not match the sample, the tenderer shall have the right to refuse to accept the goods.

5. Liability for breach of contract:

5.1 If the workmanship of the garment does not meet the requirements stipulated in the contract, the winning bidder shall repair and replace the defective uniform free of charge according to the service commitment made in the bidding documents after receiving the notice of repair or replacement. The tenderee reserves the right to claim compensation for the major losses caused, I .e. the bidder shall repair (or replace) within 3 days after receiving the written notice from the tenderee, A penalty of 20% of the contract price shall also be paid to the tenderer.

5.2, if the winning bidder fails to make up for the defects in accordance with the service commitment in the tender documents after receiving the notice of repair or replacement, the tenderer may take necessary remedial measures, but the risks and costs will be borne by the winning bidder. Other rights exercised by the tenderer to the winning bidder in accordance with the tender provisions shall not be affected.

Liquidated damages for 5.3 quality: the winning bidder shall ensure that the uniforms provided in this contract are brand new and unused, are genuine products made of advanced technology and materials required by the tenderee, and fully comply with the quality, specifications and overall requirements stipulated in the contract. The successful bidder shall be responsible for any deficiencies arising from defects in design, workmanship or materials or improper fabrication at the cost of the successful bidder. The content of relevant chemical elements in clothing materials does not meet the national standards and shall be replaced. In this case, the bidder shall pay 20% of the total contract price as liquidated damages. If the overdue supply is caused, the above provisions shall be followed.

If the 5.4 causes other losses to the tenderee due to the quality of the bidder's clothing, the bidder shall bear the corresponding product quality responsibility and bear all the liability for damages.