Investigation of Pengfei Methanol and LNG Production Base of Provincial Economic and Information Commission





On the morning of March 21, Xue Jinsheng, director of the Resource Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization Department of the Provincial Economic and Information Commission, and his party visited Pengfei Coking Plant of Pengfei Group and the 0.4 billion cubic LNG production base for methanol co-production. Pengfei Group Chairman Zheng Peng introduced the progress of the project. Wu Jianfei, director of Xiaoyi Economic and Information Bureau, accompanied the investigation.

In 2017, Pengfei Group received special technical transformation funds from the Provincial Economic and Information Commission and the Provincial Department of Finance for the industrial and information industry support subject-coke oven gas to methanol co-production LNG project. With the support of the superior, the project is progressing smoothly. Especially in the period of natural gas shortage, Pengfei Group methanol LNG played a decisive role in ensuring a series of supply for the surrounding 150 square kilometers of office and livelihood gas. Shengshi Fuyuan Methanol Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was included in the second batch of green manufacturing list and was identified as a national green factory demonstration.

In the centralized control center of methanol co-production LNG production base, Chairman Zheng Peng introduced to the research team in detail the company's industrial layout and development plan in the three sections of coal, coke and chemical. In particular, the two major projects of Pengfei Group, 400000-ton Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax and million-ton super suspension bed hydrogenation, which have already started construction, will make full use of the waste gas, waste residue and waste oil generated in the coking process. turn the waste of the past into low-carbon, energy-saving new materials and new products, and truly form a closed, full-cycle, full-industry chain modern new coal chemical enterprise development model.

The research group has a detailed understanding of the progress of the two major projects, fully affirmed the significant progress and outstanding achievements made by Pengfei Group in the methanol co-production LNG project, and highly praised the great contribution made by methanol co-production LNG to the development of local economy and people's livelihood after it was completed and put into operation.