Chairman Zheng Peng visited Qinshui County


Chairman Zheng Peng visited Qinshui County

2018-02-02 Pengfei News Xiaoyi Pengfei Industrial Co., Ltd

2Month1On the 15th, Zheng Peng, chairman of Pengfei Group, went to Qinshui County to inspect the investment environment. Hou Guibao, head of Qinshui County, and Zhang Haifang, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and executive deputy head of the county, accompanied the inspection.




During the inspection, Hou Guibao introduced in detail the development status of Qinshui County's economic construction, urban planning, investment promotion, tourism ecology, and cultural environment, and accompanied Chairman Zheng Peng to the Qinshui County Comprehensive Exhibition Hall. The pavilionIt is to show the past, present and future of QinshuiCity living roomIt is also an important window for the world to understand the history of Qinshui, enter Qinshui culture and describe the charm of Qinshui,It is of great significance to lead the urban form, improve the urban function, enhance the cultural taste of the county, and promote the rapid development of the cultural industry in Qinshui County.






After the visit, Chairman Zheng Peng pointed out that Qinshui and Xiaoyi are both famous historical and cultural cities with a long history and a gathering of humanities. Qinshui has touching legends of Nuwa mending the sky and Shungeng Lishan, and Xiaoyi has historical stories of cutting shares to serve his mother and reaping the kindness of tigers. At the same time, both places are rich in coal resources and eco-cultural tourism resources, and Pengfei has been committed to creating a safe, green, intensive, efficient, ecologically harmonious circular industry development model, hoping to contribute to the green development of Qinshui in the future ".

Hou Guibao said that Pengfei Group is welcome to invest in Qinshui. Many of Pengfei's development concepts coincide with Qinshui County's industrial development ideas. The county party committee and county government will increase policy support so that Qinshui's preferential policies can be enjoyed by Pengfei., To further create a good business environment.