Zhao Shuanming, President of Shaanxi Taifaxiang Industrial Group, and his party came to inspect and exchange



Zhao Shuanming, President of Shaanxi Taifaxiang Industrial Group, and his party came to inspect and exchange

2018-02-28 Pengfei News

On February 27, 2018, Zhao Shuanming, president of Shaanxi Taifaxiang Industrial Group, and his party came to Pengfei Group to carry out enterprise investigation and business research. Li Yang, deputy general manager and general manager of supply and marketing of the group company, received him, accompanied by Kong Lingfa, minister of the three departments of supply and marketing system procurement.

Shaanxi Tai Faxiang Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise group company with coal production and operation as the main body. The company is located in Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, with a registered capital of 0.27 billion yuan, and owns mining, investment, commerce, logistics and other companies. Among them, the Ephedra Liang Coal Mine affiliated to Yulin Tai Faxiang Mining Co., Ltd. is a newly built large-scale modern mine that has been put into operation, with an annual output of 2.4 million tons. It is the first mine in northern Shaanxi to adopt the most advanced domestic fully mechanized top coal caving mining technology. The company has a cooperative relationship with Pengfei Group for many years.

Accompanied by Yang Li, Zhao Shuanming and his entourage visited Xinyu Coking Plant, Pengfei Coking Plant, methanol co-production LNG production base, Pengfei Shipping Station and other places under Pengfei Group Company and listened to relevant introductions. Visit the external environment and infrastructure construction of the production area and plant with the car. In the centralized control center of the methanol co-production LNG production base, the delegation listened in detail to the projects being built by the company in terms of industrial layout and industrial chain extension. These projects will transform the low-value upgrade of traditional industries into cutting-edge technology, green and efficient new energy products, and truly realize the extension of the industrial chain from coke to chemical industry. At the container coke shipping station, after listening to relevant introductions, the two parties exchanged information on container transportation costs, transportation routes, loss, use and profitability.

The delegation also watched the promotional film of Pengfei Group in the exhibition hall of the group headquarters to understand Pengfei's development process and planning. In the subsequent discussion, the two sides conducted preliminary discussions on the supply of raw coal and financial investment, and held consultations on continuing in-depth cooperation and strengthening communication services. The two sides hope that through this meeting, they will further deepen their understanding of both sides and lay a good foundation for the formation of long-term and stable strategic cooperative relations and the realization of win-win cooperation in the future.