Pingyao Coal Chemical Group came to visit and investigate the coking project.



Pingyao Coal Chemical Group came to visit and investigate the coking project.

2018-03-08 Pengfei News

On March 8, Guo Lunming, director and executive deputy general manager of Shanxi Pingyao Coal Chemical (Group) Co., Ltd., and his entourage came to Pengfei Coking Plant to visit and investigate, and have discussions and exchanges. Pengfei Group stationed in Xishan Dewei Sales Vice President Li Zhansheng to receive, Pengfei Coking Plant Executive Deputy Director Zhu Lihua, Chief Engineer Ren Jun and others attended the discussion.

Shanxi Pingyao Coal Chemical (Group) Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise group integrating coal mining, coking chemical industry, natural gas operation, new building materials production, and coal gangue papermaking. The company, with total assets of 3.5 billion yuan, is one of the 130 major coal enterprises in Shanxi Province and one of the top 100 enterprises in Shanxi Province. The company currently has a 600000-ton 4.3-meter tamping coking project and plans to launch another 1.34 million-ton coking project.

At the meeting, Guo Lunming and others mainly raised questions on the planned and constructed coking design unit, furnace type selection of construction unit, selection of production facilities and equipment, scope of application, cost performance, later maintenance cost, project construction cycle, functions and responsibilities of the project department, and mainstream production technology. Li Zhansheng and others answered one by one and put forward reasonable suggestions. The two sides also discussed the transformation and upgrading direction and development trend of coke and chemical industry in the future.

Guo Lunming said that Pengfei Group coking project in the forefront of the province, the country's well-known. This time, I hope to visit and learn, listen to the opinions and suggestions of Pengfei Group, select systematic and mature processes and equipment, and finally determine the best and most reasonable plan, so that the company can avoid detours in the development of coking projects. And can get good benefits. He hoped that the two sides can strengthen exchanges and cooperation in more fields to achieve win-win results.