The Municipal Finance Bureau conducted a survey on Pengfei's production and operation.



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In order to accurately grasp the current situation and changing trend of tax sources, and effectively grasp the production and operation of key enterprises, on December 20, Yan Tingyong, deputy director of Xiaoyi Municipal Finance Bureau, and his party came to our company to investigate the production and operation. Guo Fengguang, general manager of production, Li Yang, general manager of supply and marketing, and Hao Bin, deputy director of finance, received them.

Guo Fengguang gave a detailed introduction on the company's scale, production capacity, output and the production and operation of new projects and new production capacity in 2018. Yang Li introduced the product prices, sales areas, environmental protection policies, upstream and downstream market impacts in 2016 and 2017, and made a pre-judgment analysis on the sales market prospects in 2018; hao Bin made a detailed report on the company's annual sales revenue, tax payment and other relevant information that the research team wanted to know.

The research team stated that Pengfei Group's intensive and efficient development model of extending the upstream and downstream industries and closing the entire industrial chain of the cycle adapts to the development and requirements of the new era, greatly enhances the ability to resist market risks and resolve market risks, and is not controllable by the market. Effective response will surely form a win-win situation of social, economic, and people's livelihood benefits in the future development.

The research group said that in order to enhance enterprises' awareness of paying taxes in accordance with the law, stimulate their entrepreneurial enthusiasm, optimize the service environment for enterprises, and support enterprises to become bigger and stronger, the municipal party committee and municipal government will commend "advanced tax paying enterprises." in order to enhance the sense of honor and responsibility of enterprises paying taxes according to law, and make new and greater contributions to the new development of filial piety in the new era.