Leaders of Lvliang Lithi District visited and studied the Party Construction Position and exchanged discussions.




The picture shows the leaders of the Organization Department of Shishi visiting the multimedia exhibition hall.


On October 28, Li Ruigang, deputy district chief of Lishi District, Luliang, led a group of 15 people, including Liu Fang, secretary of the Youth League Committee, Liu Shengqi, secretary of the non-public Party Committee, Sun Yinai, director of the Shi Zhi Office, and Zhang Guosheng, chairman of the trade union of Lishi Taihua Group, to visit and inspect the party building work.

Li Ruigang and his entourage watched the "Pengfei Group Party Building Promotional Film" in the multimedia exhibition hall, and visited the staircase cultural wall and the outreach wall of the party branch conference room. Among them, the party members learn from the "best party members", "best talents", "best employees", "best youth", "best activities", "most reasonable suggestions", "best works" and "most outstanding teams" displayed in the "eight most" selection activities, let the leaders of the Lishi Organization Department who came to visit praise.

After the visit, Li Ruigang District Mayor organized a symposium. At the forum, District Mayor Li said that he had benefited a lot from the "three modernization" mechanism established by Pengfei Group to ensure real learning and practical work, and learned a lot of good experience in expanding the content of party building. He said: it is necessary to further standardize the bright spots and vitality found in the party building work of Pengfei Group in the party building work of Lishi non-public enterprises, innovate thinking, improve deficiencies, implement requirements, and earnestly pay close attention to all aspects of party building work. we will strive to create a new situation in party building work at the grass-roots level, and promote party building work to a new level and a new level.


The picture shows the party building work learning exchange meeting


Wang Jianguo, deputy director of the Organization Department of Xiaoyi City, also praised the party building work of Pengfei Group. He said with emotion that all the achievements were not made in a day, precisely because Secretary Zheng Peng had realized the political leading role of Party building in the development of the enterprise and the political core role of the staff and workers in the early stage of the development of the enterprise. He took the initiative to assume the multiple roles of pilot, coordinator, communication and promoter, and formulated and adhered to the regular selection work of week, month, quarter and year. It is precisely because there are real systems and systems behind each display board to support it. There are not only scientific planning functional areas, but also rich planning and plate content, Pengfei's party building work will be so vivid and colorful.

Ma Xiaolong, Minister of Human Resources, said that the support and affirmation of District Mayor Li and Minister Wang is a great encouragement to Pengfei's party building work in the future. As Secretary Zheng Peng said, as long as you continue to move towards your dream, the whole world will give way to you. Pengfei Group will actively respond to the new task of "strengthening the construction of grass-roots organizations" put forward by the 19th CPC National Congress, under the strong leadership of the party organization at a higher level, under the leadership of the general branch secretary of Zheng Peng, and with the joint efforts of all Pengfei people, fly higher, fly faster, fly farther!