Ren Qinshun, deputy director of Luliang municipal government research office, led a research and assessment team on party building work in Pengfei group




The picture shows the leaders of the research group seriously appreciating the excellent works of the company's party members.


On October 27, in order to further strengthen the party building work of non-public enterprises, comprehensively improve the construction level of demonstration sites for party building work in non-public enterprises, and give full play to its exemplary and leading role, Ren Qinshun, deputy director of the Luliang Municipal Research Office, led a team to investigate and assess the party building work in Pengfei Group.

Pengfei Group is the only non-public party building demonstration site in our city of "two learning and one doing" and "three basic construction". The research team has a comprehensive understanding of the party building work of the group company by visiting various party building positions, listening to explanations, viewing materials, and watching party building promotional videos. It is believed that Pengfei Group's party building work is deeply integrated with corporate management and corporate culture, with advanced concepts, solid work, flesh and blood, pragmatic and efficiency, it has found a new way of Party building in line with the actual development of enterprises.


The picture shows the leaders of the research group carefully checking the learning experience of the party members.


The research group believes that the party's principles and policies are the greatest opportunity for enterprise development. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has clearly defined the direction of enterprise development. If we fully grasp the principles and policies of the party and the state, we can capture the development opportunities. The general party branch of Pengfei Group combines the actual development of the enterprise, continues to carry out in-depth party building work, gives full play to the exemplary and leading role of the party organization in the development of the enterprise, and truly transforms the political advantage of the party organization into the competitive advantage of the enterprise. The development of the company provides spiritual assistance, which will surely realize the new development of non-public party building work and realize the new leap of the enterprise in the future.