The person in charge of the party affairs work of the party committee of the xiaoyi city education system came to observe and learn the party building position.



The picture isThe person in charge of party affairs of the party committee of xiaoyi city education system visited the party building work of the group.


On September 21, a group of more than 30 persons in charge of the party affairs work of the Xiaoyi City Education System Party Committee came to Pengfei Headquarters to visit and study party building work.

The autumn rain is drizzling one after another, showing a little coolness but also full of poetry and painting. Under the leadership of the commentator, the educators in our city have a comprehensive understanding from the multimedia exhibition hall to the general party branch conference room, the party member talent training room, the party affairs office, and the party member activity room. And the style display room and other areas, from shallow to deep.

As a demonstration site for party building work in non-public enterprises in the city, Pengfei Group has always adhered to the concept of "focusing on party building around development, grasping party building and promoting development", optimizing organizational settings, strengthening party member management, innovating work carriers, and promoting "two integrations". Refined the "two-four-eight-two" work procedures for enterprise management, and strive to build a "double-strong and six-good" non-public enterprise party organization.

After the visit, Li Kaiyuan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Education System of Xiaoyi City, told more than 30 educators in the same industry that Chairman Zheng Peng started from 25000 yuan, and after more than 20 years of continuous hard work and advancing with the times, he has achieved Pengfei today. Brilliant. Pengfei Group's ideological essence of "loyalty, noble, cohesion and enterprising" is also the common goal of educators and all walks of life. Secretary Li encouraged everyone that the cause of education has a long way to go, and we must bear in mind the spirit of this visit and study, and contribute all our wisdom and strength to the cause of education.

Although the autumn rain is cool, Pengfei Group's party building enthusiasm has always been high, just like the rainbow after the rain, it will be beautiful and gorgeous only after the rain. On the future development path of Pengfei Group, we will always keep learning with a humble heart, and will always follow the guidance of the Party Central Committee, and walk out of the road of integrated development of Pengfei Group's characteristic party building and enterprise management!