Xiaoyi: Pengfei million tons of super suspension bed hydrogenation 400000 tons of Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax project broke ground.




On September 15, 2017, "Shanxi News Network" broadcast Pengfei Group's special news "Xiaoyi: Pengfei Million Ton Super Suspension Bed Hydrogenation 400000 Ton Fischer-Tropsch Synthetic Wax Project Breaking Earth".

The 400000-ton Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax project adopts Fischer-Tropsch synthesis technology, normal pressure fixed bed pure oxygen continuous gasification technology, and uses coke powder and coke particles as raw materials to produce the top pharmaceutical grade wax, which effectively solves the problem of coke product structure and outlet. It is a chemical project with the most thorough process revolution, the most efficient waste utilization and the maximum ecological benefits.

The million-ton super suspension bed hydrogenation project is the first project in the world to adopt this process. It has a number of independent intellectual property rights and represents the highest level of domestic heavy oil processing. It is currently the most advanced production process at home and abroad. The waste oil, residual oil, tar, crude benzene and agricultural waste straw in the coke production process can be converted into chemical products, and the conversion rate can reach 99.7.