Green Development | | Yang Jucai investigates Pengfei's resumption of work and production



On March 27, Yang Jucai, vice mayor of Luliang Municipal Government, visited Pengfei Group to investigate the resumption of work and production. Xiaoyi City Government Vice Mayor Wang Yong accompanied.

Chairman Zheng Peng received and reported on the current production and operation status of the enterprise, and made a key report on Pengfei's current methanol co-production LNG project, inviting coal blending experts from Taiyuan University of Technology to carry out coal blending tests, and the in-depth development of the industrial chain-cooperation with GCES and automobile manufacturing enterprises in the development and utilization of hydrogen energy, and research on the transformation of hydrogen energy vehicles.

He said that Pengfei will take the lead in trying to transform its own freight cars into hydrogen energy cars, which will be the greatest contribution to environmental protection.

Yang Jucai affirmed Pengfei's first trial development of hydrogen energy projects. He said that the chemical industry has undergone great changes, and only by accelerating its development in the direction of centralization, scale, and intelligence can it occupy a favorable position.

Zhang Linsheng, director of the Luliang Municipal Bureau of Small and Medium Enterprises, Liang Hong, director of the Xiaoyi Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and Zhao Dalong, director of the Bureau of Small and Medium Enterprises, accompanied the investigation.