Shanxi Provincial Federation of Trade Unions Inspects Pengfei Group's "ankang cup" Competition



On the 8th, the province's mass supervision of production safety and the first mutual inspection team of the "Ankang Cup" competition led by Li Piwang, head of the Labor Protection Department of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, came to carry out activities such as the "Ankang Cup" competition of our city's Pengfei Group Company The situation is inspected and guided.

"Ankang Cup" is to take the meaning of "safety" and "health" and the establishment of the safety production honor trophy. With the deepening of the national "Ankang Cup" competition, the number, scope and content of commendation are also expanding and increasing. Since the beginning of this year, Pengfei Group has attached great importance to the "Ankang Cup" competition activities, and established a competition activity group headed by the chairman of the trade union federation, and carried out a series of safety education, publicity and training, emergency drills, and self-examination among the employees. Related activities such as self-correction and employee physical examination have effectively promoted the safe production of the group company. On this basis, actively declare to participate in the 2017-2018 "ankang cup" winning unit competition in Shanxi province.

At the symposium, members of the mutual inspection team, centering on the requirements of the "ankang cup" competition, learned about the organizational structure of the activity, the prevention and control of occupational diseases for employees in special positions, and the establishment of relevant information ledgers. It is pointed out that the group company attaches great importance to publicity work and has a strong cultural atmosphere. A series of work carried out by the Federation of trade unions, such as the selection of craftsmen, the competition of post skills, and the protection of the rights and interests of female workers, are gratifying. It is hoped that the group company will accurately understand the significance and content of the "ankang cup" activity, comprehensively sort out the existing organizational structure, establish a working mechanism of administrative promotion and trade union supervision, set up a labor protection supervision and inspection committee at the headquarters, and set up labor protection supervision inspectors in workshops, teams and sections, so as to cover every corner of the enterprise with safety and health.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Federation of Trade unions said that in the future, the Municipal Federation of Trade unions will strengthen training and publicity, starting with the establishment of rules and regulations, and constantly improve the labor protection work of workers. It is hoped that Pengfei Group will take this inspection and guidance as an opportunity to continuously improve and improve related work and strive to be a model of private enterprises in the city.