Investigation of Shanxi Province Guarantee and Supply Office in Methanol Plant




On September 12, the Shanxi Provincial Insurance and Supply Office Research Team led by Wang Hongya, special commissioner of the Provincial Major Project Inspection Office, conducted an investigation at Pengfei's methanol co-production LNG production base. Xiaoyi City Vice Mayor Wang Yong, Pengfei Group Deputy General Manager, General Manager of Supply and Marketing Li Yang accompanied the investigation.

The research team visited the methanol plant production workshop, gas and LNG product storage tank area by car, and learned about a series of chemical synthesis processes after Pengfei coke oven gas was transported to the methanol plant.

In the central control room of the factory, Yang Li, deputy general manager and general manager of supply and marketing of the group company, introduced in the report that Pengfei Group, relying on the surplus coke oven gas generated by Xiaoyi's local 5 million-ton coking production base, uses exclusive patented equipment and technology to manufacture clean energy to meet the needs of the masses and the market. Li Yang proposed to the research group that at present, enterprises need further support and help from relevant provincial and municipal departments in terms of sufficient supply of high-quality and low-sulfur raw coal and railway transportation and distribution. As the heating season is approaching, Pengfei has established the principle of clean fuel production to protect people's livelihood and stability, adhere to stable and high yield, and go all out to provide the province with gas for people's livelihood, and send more warmth to everyone in the cold winter.

Wang Hongya also inquired in detail about the sales direction of methanol and LNG products, the difficulties and problems faced by production, and fully affirmed Pengfei's positive response to the measures taken and contributions made by Pengfei in the province to control bulk coal pollution and implement the goal of "coal to gas. Pengfei is highly praised for its corporate responsibility of providing safe and clean energy for the city, creating a green and clean life for the masses, and guarding the blue sky and clear water.

Wang Hongya pointed out that the traditional way of using coal to be replaced by clean electricity and gas is the general trend of social development. The key to solve the traditional coal pollution is to promote the clean and efficient use of coal and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the coal industry. Pengfei took the lead in the province in this regard, solving the problem of clean energy supply in the surrounding areas. It is hoped that in the coming winter heating period, on the basis of environmental protection production and green production, a more efficient mining, transportation and marketing system will be established to achieve scientific and orderly progress and ensure sufficient supply of clean energy.

Wang Hongya said that in response to the requirements and existing difficulties of enterprises, the Shanxi Provincial Insurance and Supply Office will study and implement them as soon as possible, take multiple measures to optimize the energy use structure of enterprises and society, promote the transformation of energy use, and create a good incentive policy and a relaxed environment.